Indonesia. Translate English games to Indonesian... And a heavy JRPGamer. Also making webtoon (ID) called dear Steven. Yep, an artist. And an otaku. Can do pixel art and create music, too.
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Can androids fall in love? That is what Nat thought to himself.




I am like a crazy person who actually constantly checking this page on every notification I found bc I'm really hoping for a badge. I mean this is RMN's Bday event, sooooo

nvm since i should not said badges at all

GAYmak the Rainbow~

I'm wondering how much time is actually left, since it's July 16th 10:16 in my country. o.o I want to fix my game, but I'm worried I won't make it in time - m-"

Edit: nvm i didn't read previous comments lol

GAYmak the Rainbow~

YASSS!! I'M DONE!! Whew I did it in 4 days lololol

A Cliche BirthDay

I like the Idea of this game, it seems very original (at least that I know). I can't wait till this game comes out!

Please Please Pleaseee fix the virus T^T this game looks SO COOL omllllll. Im sure you're working on it but i still cry.

It said there's virus in the file and I couldn't download it. Hope you'll fix it

Like my other game, I'm still trying to fix this... >_<"

Acak - Random

Hello, it's me again!
I want to download this game but it is written 'The link you're trying to access has expired.'
please fix the DL. thanks a lot!

I have been looking forward to playing this game, but when I clicked the download link, it said the file was infected and I couldn't download. Hope you'll fix it.

I'n very sorry! It seems like my files are infected with virus idk since when, and I'm still looking for a way to fix it since virus cleaning didn't clean the virus at all (I already tried it)... Please wait until it's fixed! Thanks for the support! ^^

GAYmak the Rainbow~

I always said "lol I won't join this event, too busy with projects etc" but at the last 3 days of the event's deadline I would say "FORGET IT IM DOIN THIS"

and it happens every time.

[PINK] - GAYmak the Rainbow

Name: Momoe

Age: 190 years, mentally 15

Description: A stunningly beautiful digital girl, loves her master no matter what gender, can hacks various systems, wear a headphone in a ribbon model in her head. Love having fun and singing all day long, but a bit shy?

Background: Created long ago by an otaku programmer for the sole purpose of singing while storing lost of music inside her database. As time goes by, she moved to the internet and let people rent her for various purposes.
She have lots of songs, mainly Japanese vocaloids, and that's quite rare in the era she's living now, and she became a well-known digital diva. She's actually pretty shy when alone or not in front of many audience.

Allowed for use: Yes, if you ask me and gave credits >.<


A Cliche BirthDay

Is this 1.0 version for beta testers only? It says "the file is infected with a virus" on google drive so I can't download it

I'm sorry! It's not a beta version anymore, but it seems like there's some kidn of virus in the game... ;-; I still can't fix it yet, so please wait for a bit!

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I haven't been active on this site that much recently, but gosh! I'm glad you managed to use my sprites to make such a cool game like this one C:

Omg the senpai noticed meThanks for the resources! Without you, the graph wouldn't be this great ; w ;

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Thanks for creating this game! sweet story. I like it!
I'll play your other games :D

(note: I'm an Indonesian too XD)

Yaaay thanks!! >w<)/ Woaah ketemu orang Indo nih ehehehe - w-