I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

Also PM me if you want to, my inbox is open to talk :P

Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!



The Phantom Slime Review

Aw, thanks Kyla, I'm glad you enjoyed it even if it's pretty rough around the edges and thank you for taking the time to review it! :D

RMN is back up buckaroos

Vive la RMN!

Happy Birthday to Kloe-boo >:3

Aw thanks you guys! :D
(also I'm totally using that boo image at some point)


Kentona has gone insane on devices that don't support runes, he just seems to be very excited about squares with diagonals drawn in.

Games with map/level editors

Portal 2 does, I think Portal does as well? It seemed pretty decent, especially considering it's a 3 dimensional puzzle game so there's a lot of variety possible in custom maps.

Personally, I'd say Advance Wars: Dual Strike, partially because I really like that game and also because its map editor is pretty nice, being able to create your own scenarios for a strategy RPG is interesting, I wish more games in the same genre would have map editors.

Does you Say Run really go with Everything?

how can i contact you ? an email address

The built in mail function on RMN should be sufficient.

Wait, so it's like one of those "x music goes with anything" with lots of examples? I've seen plenty of those on youtube, why does it get blocked worldwide?

So, what software/apps do people use to capture/edit video of their games?

Yeah it's part of the XBox thingy iirc? Like, you can open a 'gamebar' and press a little record button and it'll record it? I've not really used it but it seems good for default functionality anyway.

[RMMV] My Ol' Boy, Sparky

u-um why is this [RMMV}? I mean, I guess we don't have a [Really wacky story about a nervous guy and a dog?} tag...

...I'm gonna refrain from commenting on the actual story, maybe I'm just not getting it?

Stepping Down as a Mod

hugs Uni Get well soon Uni! We'll try not to wreck the place in the meantime... ^-^;

Killing Nazis

EDIT: Even better if it is the T-rex who is doing the one-punching with those tiny arms!

Ye that was the idea, the arms are short and tiny and silly for balancing too, not just because it's hilarious! I'm a serious game dev, I promise! looks around awkwardly