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this is what i need help with: mp regeneration in rm2k

so here's the thing: i'm trying to get as much out of the rm2k dbs as possible, and i'm trying to set up this system wherein each character starts the battle with 0 mp and regenerates a certain amount (tentatively 10) every turn. battle events make this look easy enough - one command, "Champ MP: 's MP 10 (Add)", set to trigger every turn ought to do the trick. most of the time it works fine, but i've encountered something of a glitch.

here's what i've observewd: if you start a turn with 90/100 mp and then cast a spell that costs 10, you will begin the next turn with 90. this is what i expected and what i wanted - you spend 10 mp, you regen 10 mp, you break even. beautiful. but if you start a turn with 100/100 mp and you cast the same spell, you wind up with 90 mp anyway when you ought to have 100. if you cast a 20-mp spell, you start the next turn with 80 instead of 90, and so on.

what i believe happens is this: the mp recovery is simply triggered at a poor time, namely between the end of the phase wherein you select your commands and the phase where your actions are executed. as a result, any mp regenerated on a given round that would take you over the 100 mp cap are simply wasted. this was what my first instinct was and my testing seems to corroborate this. you'll forgive me if this is obvious, it's my first time trying to work with battle events and i'm just figuring out the mechanics now.

so, uh, is there way to fix this and get mp regeneration working properly? perhaps a way to trigger commands at the end of each round, or perhaps another method of implementing it altogether? or will i just have to find a way to rework the battle system without mp regen?

thanks in advance, peeps \o/

Yarr harr.

Evening, gents. I stumbled across this place about a month ago through Feldschlacht's sig on GW, and I've been lurking ever since. I would have joined sooner, but I was really busy for a while... and then I lost interest... and then my interest came back, but I got lazy... and then I decided to see if I could beat FF2/4 in a day (which I could have if I hadn't stopped to watch Sweeney Todd)... Eheh. Incidentally, my gamemaking habits (and occasionally my schoolwork-finishing habits) follow the same cycle, which I guess is why I seldom finish anything.

Speaking of Feldschlacht, I have to say he reminds me of a friend from an old Ragnarok server. Similar tastes, similar manner of speaking, and I could swear he had that avatar with the blond girl... Even the drama (or what little I know of it) is similar. I guess it doesn't mean anything, but the uncanniness of it all made me go o __o.

I do the RPGMaker thing, as one might assume. I've come up with dozens of game ideas, but only one of them's going anywhere. I'd probably get a lot more done if the work wasn't so onerous. Lately I've been examining the field of forum games. I like the reduction in labor intensity, but most of my ideas are either too simple to be interesting or too slow to be engaging... or both. I think it's a mindset thing. See, I'm a fairly creative kid, but I'm no innovator. The only "original" ideas I have are cheap twists on existing ones. If I could break out of the traditional RPG mindset, I could probably come up with something pretty cool, but I seem to be stuck here. Even my non-RPG ideas are turn-based.

I used to be a pretty witty kid, but I was thinking about it a while ago and it struck me that I haven't said anything funny in ages. Sure, the occasional quip merits a laugh, but I used to be consistently funny. Now I'm lucky to get a "lol". I hope to maintain a constant "mildly amusing" status, but we'll see how that goes.

I'll try to post lots, but most of the threads I thought were cool are long dead. It's those old Game Design & Theory threads that attract me here, y'see - the ones about game balance and making defensive abilities useful and whatnot. Fascinating stuff.

I've got more to say, but I'm coming down with something, so I'm gonna spend some quality time with my SNES...
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