Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

No prob. I can feel your developer spirit and it is strong.

There's 3 methods for a person to check a game's translation.
1) They make notes while playing. This is the worst way because it eats up far too much time for anyone to want to do it for free. They'll also miss a lot. I once worked 144 hours doing this for somebody and then their game didn't even come out. And, frankly, it's easy to grow to dislike the game when it's done.
2) They're given an uncompiled copy of the game. First off, this is dangerous. It should only ever be done with somebody you trust like they're your brother. Needless to say, they can easily steal or prank your game. It's a very thorough method though since they can literally see all text. They can lose context though. And, English being the terrible monster language that it is, context is important.
3) Getting a google doc or something of the text. It doesn't even need to be the design document but every game should have one of these anyway. This is the fastest because add-ons like Grammarly will catch a lot of the problems beforehand. You may end up not even needing a native speaker. They have 0% chance of getting stuck somewhere in the game and you can just copy/paste the changes into RM.

That's some good tips, thank you! I'll treasure them!

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention. In one of the flashbacks, there is a photo of Jugo and Ai in the living room, despite it being a flashback.

Okay that's sad DX we never noticed! Thanks for the report, we'll fix it when we'll make a new update.

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

Hi man, thanks for playing!

Sorry that it took so long but I finally got around to play it. You did a really great job this time around.

If anything, I'm saddened by the lack of a gallery mode. You have really nice CGs and I'd love to be able to look at them without the message window in the way. I even checked in the game folder just in case (I did get a laugh about the SUIREN sound clips that are left in though). I'd say the art is one of the strongest points here. The character designs themselves are also very good.

I'm a self-taught at drawing, I've never done a school or a drawing course so this kind of comments makes me really happy :)
With just 5 CG a gallery felt a little empty, Suiren was programmed with the idea of a long game with a large amount of illustrations and that's why we implemented the gallery. You'll definitely find one in any bigger project we'll make!

Your English has improved quite a bit. There are still some places that can be fixed up (there's even a problem in the notice at the start, which at least made it funny). I'll gladly help you with this but I don't do my screenshot-style checking anymore because it just takes too long. Let me know if you have the text all in a file because I can work with that.

About the english... yup, that'll be our eternal weakness I'm sorry :( I've improved with the couple of years spent in London, but unfortunally we lack a native speaker member. It's not so easy to find someone that can provide a prior checking for free, that's why we need to publish unpolished translation and wait for a proofreader to show up everytime.
Your help would be great but I have the nasty habit of writing everything directly inside the RpG maker editor so I don't actually have a text file -.- thanks for asking!

But all in all, I really enjoyed it as an interactive story. Some more variance to the puzzles would have been nice since the only thing that wasn't a basic item puzzle was made so easy I doubt anyone could be stuck on it. But interactive stories can get away with simple puzzles because the focus is the narrative.

Glad I finally got to play it.

TnS since the first version prioritized the story on the gameplay, I'm very happy that you liked it! Yes we agree that's a pretty basic gameplay, but we'll implement more dynamics in future games.
Speaking of dynamics...
We're planning on some visual novels and a reprise of Suiren from scratch, we want to be able to produce the full game and not one divided in act, even if it'll take a while.

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

Good Morning, I'm Maya, from Tea Party Project!
I really loved your game! It was truly a big inprovment from the first one!
The costom graphics were amazing too, it really helps the game to stand out!

Review aside, since you seem to have deleted your facebook page, I'll ask here: may I translate your game to portuguese, if there's no one doing it already?
Thank you for your time.
Keep up the amazing work!

Hi Maya this is a great news! I've sent you a PM about the translation, just check your mailbox! ;)

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness- Review

Thank you for the review! It makes me extremely happy to know that even an old fan can appreciate the new TnS =)

Yep I totally agree that the graphics for the maps needs and improvement, and I'll work to make a better job for our next RpG Maker game.

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the experience! Hope you'll play our future games too!

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

Going to play this again since I've played the original. Probably write a review if I've got time.

Thank you! Hope you'll like the new one too!

PS. The original wasn't bad and didn't deserve the hate.

Well, looking back I can say that it had lots of flaws and we could have done the narration a bit less heavy and pedo, but I think too that the backfire was a bit too much. It made us ashamed for the creation of the first TnS, and this is wrong 'cause yes it wasn't a great game at all and I'm positive that now that's rebooted it shouldn't be played anymore, but it's still our first serious attempt to a game, our best known work and the first to receive international fanart. We won't recomend it, but we're keeping the download always open on our personal page as it deserves to a game that, hate or not, has almost 30k downloads ;) Thanks for your words!

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

I'll give it a try. So I liked it didn't play the first one blah blah and :
I really liked the shift in the overall ambience, when it gets dark, and then the tension build. It caught me.
The puzzles were all about finding a key, it was a bit boring.
Kudos to the art, especially the female characters. On the other hand, the floor tiles were confusing at times.

Thanks 4 your thoughts :)
Sorry for the issues with the tiles, it was my first try with pixel art and I admit that there's some flaws, I swear I'll work on it.
About the key-hunt, I know it wasn't particularly challenging, but we wanted to keep it as simple as possible 'cause the really core of the game is the story, not the gameplay. Look at it as a "wanted" walking simulator =)

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

I haven't played the first one, hence it's not a comparative comeback, but I liked it. I'd like to say more, but I guess I'm supposed to avoid spoilers ?

Hi! You can make a review to rate the game, or simply write
like this if you need to do spoilers.

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

This was waaayyy better, good job!!

Thank you so much!

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness- Review

Finally it happened. It's the first time that one of our games is rated (well, the old TnS WAS rated, but mostly for insulting purpuoses, so it doesn't really count, and Suiren received just a review without stars <.<) and this review make me really happy!

Yep, I agree that regards the gameplay, there's not much. As early concept, we wanted to implement the classic research with unlikely puzzles and situations, but we scrapped the idea at the end. Our objective was improving the story, 'cause from the start TnS is not much more than a walking simulator with an atmosphere of uneasiness. We could put a key like, inside a fruit on the kitchen counter or available after playing the piano, but we really can't imagine Jugo doing something like this, he's crazy not idiotic XD

Thanks for linking the code for improving the chase, the chasing part here is minimal so we won't implement it for TnS (I rather like myself to trap him at the couch just to say "haha, f*ck you!")but it'll be indeed useful for future project.

Sorry for the pixel art, I've tried my best but it's pretty difficult it its semplicity :/ I swear I'll work on it.

Thanks for the review and for the grammar corrections, I'll put the upgraded version soon, there's still the notice for further proofreading, but i've added you in the readme =)

And now, I really need to find a way to change my profile name to Uma Tenshi, or else my programmer will be really offended, haha!

Toraware no Shoujo -Bluebird of Happiness-

I'm glad to see a reboot for this game, congrats! I just finished it and I really enjoyed it~
I got the true ending and the mad one, so I was wondering how can I get the other one.

For the bad ending, simply don't read the diary and leave the room, there will be the same chasing events but the outcome of the dialogues will be different :)
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