Micro vs. Macro Customization

This is actually a topic I've been running through my head the other month when planning for my game. I know there are different things for different people, but I prefer something in the middle ground.

When games have it so you earn points to spend in stats when you level up, on top of a bunch of equipment that are the same but with minor tweaks in bonuses it offers, that's when I think it goes a bit far. It becomes too confusing on what you should aim for, what the optimal set at different points in the game are, and sometimes you don't know what other options are out there. This seems to be commonly done with western RPGs (to my knowledge), where they have Cotton Cloak of Vitality and Cotton Cloak of Power. But they drop so randomly.

Then on the other hand, I hate it when characters are already cookie-cutter on roles, and there is no way to change them at all. You go from Bronze Sword > Iron Sword > etc. Where there are minor special equipment that give special bonuses, but they become outdated too fast stat wise and are useless to use beyond certain points.

My middle ground was stripping any special effects from equip (well, I dropped the normal equipment menu, but won't go into that). Now equipment is for stats (different equipment for different stat builds), but for those special effects they become traits that you can set. You can only set a certain amount of traits at one time, but this lets you keep that "Darkness Damage". To balance this, you'll have to figure out different tiers of the trait and their potency. 50% SPD bonus would be broken if you could have it all times. Then the only thing left would figure out how you want the characters to learn those traits in a balanced way. So that all the characters had a chance at learning the same traits.

So pretty much, I prefer to keep customizable effects and stats apart.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Got Legend of Heroes - Zero No Kiseki in the mail today. Playing it now on Nightmare mode on my first play through.

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

Found this, but not sure if it's fake. This was also the biggest of the image, as it wouldn't let me go full size. Nice to speculate though. Most of them are familiar, though there are a few I'm not sure of.

Edit: Nvm, read the comments on the site, it's just fan art ;;

Video Game Fails

In Valkyria Chronicles 2, I meant to hit a shock-trooper with my lancer, buuuut I missed, and hit my tank.... in the back panel which is it's weak point.... 1 shot friendly fire.

HP Recovery... after every battle? MADNESS! (Resource Management)

I have it in my game, after every battle you recover (except for K.O). Though I also added a hunger/stamina system where over time, you start to build hunger, and lower your stamina. HP is connected to hunger while EP (MP) is connected to stamina. These had to be recovered by eating food or sleeping in a bed (inn). As it degrades over time, you recover less and less after battle.

But, back to the differences, if done right, the healing after every battle can be a good thing. I like it, because it does offer that option to make battles more challenging w/o over expending the user. It doesn't matter how many potions that got in their pack, unless they can think tactics in battle, it won't do them any good.

Another thing to think about is Work vs Reward. If you do go with the heal after battle, and make the battles challenging, make the reward higher and worthwhile. Also monster placement is key. I don't want to fight 20 hard fights just to get to the boss. A lot of things to keep in mind when deciding between the two.

Idea Bouncing - Alternative Limit Break system (I know right!)

It would definitely give the player more to think about in forms of tactics. Like you said, they'll have to choose: Powerful move, or stat bonus. I think it's good and would add a nice challenge to the game without getting too chaotic.

What are you working on now?

Finally working on the scene to introduce the 2nd playable character into the game. Also finishing programming her AI when she isn't the party leader, and finishing up her animations. Then back to mapping.


Where do you people get that sunshine picture? Or is it only in VX or something...?

I composed it myself awhile ago. It's just a few low opacity white lines. Then just use the "show picture" command

Hallowed Nights

And it's the the name of the main character lol

Battle System Adjustments and mini story demo.

Tried out the demo, I like the battle system a lot. Will be interesting to see how it turns out for end game stuff. Best of luck, and looking forward to this~
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