I'm an italian indie game developer! : )
I use RPGMaker 2kX since I was a teenager ^_^
Theia - The Crimson Ecli...
A Fantasy-Sci-Fi J-RPG



Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I actually got the name from that event XD

Hiatus & Plans

Hiatus, dang! However I understand your reasons, and I agree with you.
Both Beloved Rapture and Nihilo deserve to become great games. Good luck to you and Blind :D

5th ERA

This game is something else! Can't wait to see (and play) more!

At first I thought you didn't like it! I'm glad you changed your mind :D
I'll resume the developing process after this summer. I wanted to rest a couple of months, after the release of the demo, but then IGMC happened and I had to work another full month on a game XD

Thanks for playing and thanks for streaming it!

5th ERA Review

Some people believe he's actually
Gallian from Theia because their sprite is very similar XD

I guess they're joking ^^

5th ERA Review

Wow! Nice theories! You'll see when the game is completed ;)

5th ERA Review

You guessed a character and a half haha.
Mozen is actually Kaine from the original game. I just changed his name, lol. Aureal is obviously a playable character but I won't spoil the others ^^

Now I'm curious about your wild guesses on the creepy man's identity! You can tell me your guesses if you want, but obviously I won't confirm or deny.

5th ERA

Looks amazing, best of luck and skill!

Thank you! Let me know what do you think about it if you decide to try the demo :D

5th ERA Review

Ohhh! Thanks a lot! I was hoping for this review! I'm glad you liked it and that you still remember the characters from the original game. They're quite different now, I guess ^^"

I'm trying my best to make this game fun to play while delivering a good story and characters. I hope to make this better than my previous games and I'm really hyped to continue working on it after a short break. There are some things to adjust here and there but overall the players are enjoying this game.
Thanks again for your review!

5th ERA

Thanks, man! I hope you'll like it! Just wait a couple of days :)

Update - April 2022

Oh boy! This is such exciting news! I cannot wait to try this out!

Thanks! I hope you'll enjoy the demo :D
And of course I'm looking for your feedback!