I'm an italian indie game developer! : )
I use RPGMaker 2kX since I was a teenager ^_^
Theia - The Crimson Ecli...
A Fantasy-Sci-Fi J-RPG




Oh, so... yeah, it's just one bar that when it's full you can use the limit, and when it's empty you're weakened, or something like that. XD

Ok for the plot section that we mentioned. It makes sense! ^^


Ok I finished the demo! This is probably the most promising 2k3 demo I've ever played in my life. The aesthetic is great, the atmosphere and the animations are insane! I'm not a huge fan of the portraits behind the message box, though, but overall you did a wonderful job!

The gameplay is ok, I guess. I liked the battle system even if it's a bit slow sometimes. I don't really like spending turns changing infused elements and such, but I guess there will be more effective methods later in the game.
One thing about the battles: I still have to understand how the Fatigue works. I read the tutorial three times, but I don't get why there are two bars instead of one, since when one raises the other empties... dunno. XD
There's too little to comment on the character development in this demo, but I like the RP system and the weapon enhancing system. I suggest you to add the current number of materials in the crafting menu, though. That would be really helpful!

Plotwise, I won't express myself because that's just a demo so I need to experience the full story to give my opinion about it. However, I'm not fully convinced of the reasons why
the main characters got captured. The whole "fake-Nikolai thing" was a bit too much, for me XD. They could just talk to Estes and Nikolai and say "Hey, stop harassing the kid" and everything would've worked fine ^^"


Oh wow, I'm glad you decided to add me in the credits ^^
Thanks a lot!


Hi! I'm trying the demo and it's freaking good. Awesome job, man! Congrats ^^
I stopped after the first boss but I'm liking the game so far. Maybe for a "tutorial fight", the battle is a bit too long.
I'll continue to play it next days and I'll write my feedback.

(I'm a bit disappointed to see some icons I made for Theia in this game without receiving any credit, but it's not a problem at all since this game rocks :D)


Wow! I just noticed this page!
Thanks for including Theia, I really appreciate it :)

And I absolutely like the style of your game! I'll try the demo asap ^^

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Yeah, something like that X°D
I'm uploading now the fixed versions, btw ^^

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

author=This is a really great game! It's the best RM2k3 game I know at the moment. I'm not good at writing reviews, I guess, but usually I don't comment about games at all so it means something that I wrote about this being great^^

Well, this means A LOT to me. I mean... A LOT. XD
Thanks Cherry!
I'm downloading the plugin and I'll make an updated version of the game.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

You can beat that big atlas fog later, if you want, even in late game ^^
The paralyzing bite blocks the character with a 70% success rate. It's a bit high and it's designed to be fought with at least two characters (three is better).

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

@Asuya @cocotero23

Thanks a lot to both of you :D
I'm really glad you liked it. I hope I can release something new soon! ^^

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Thanks a lot! I'll try to answer you point by point

I'm glad you liked the Grant twist. I think it's a bit predictable, but whatever ^^

The characters: yes... they're not balanced at all. After 5 years I finally can see every mistake I made with this game. I should've balanced the characters better. Obviously the number of playable units makes the balance process a bit harder than it should XD
I'll do better next rime.
The jamming section are sh*t. I wanted to add a thrill to the characters' customization, but the jamming is frustrating without automatic equipment after finishing the jammed section.
The Camp: now I'd probably make everything differently. I designed the camp with only Seth speaking with other party member, so I made the camp available only when Seth is in the party. That wasn't a good idea. Maybe I should've made something like putting some scenes between various characters and strengthen their bonds, and not only Seth speaking with X.
Endings: I dislike ending A and C, so I agree with you XD
Music: I think they're good... unfortunately it's all a "rip" work. One day I'll have original music for my games ^^"
Minigames: I guess they're... fine. I could make some more interesting minigames. I'll do better in the future.

Thanks again! : )