A story writer full of hope. My famous line: 'One day I hope I can complete a story and turn it into a popular game.' My intention is to turn stories into games. I cannot sprite so I need lots of help with resources. There are lots of people willing to help so my requests are usually fulfilled. How nice of them~!




I had to stop playing the preview. I got robbed and ran out of Gala so I couldn't buy any cards. :(

Please consider donating to the Haiti earthquake situation!

In fact...
...Or $10 if you're from not here...

Please consider donating to the Haiti earthquake situation!

I would donate!!! Multiple reasons why I can't though...

I WOULD DONATE 35+!!! This earthquake... Horrible, so many lives taken.

Trails of the Divinity

What's up... About the name?! I like the name, it's nice! But "Tales Of" has nothing to do with this. Why not put a disclaimer like: "Not a Tales Of fangame" or something like that? It would help you :D


A game with anything to do with Anaryu?! I'm in!! *downloads*

Everyday's an RPG

Oh. No font cause you cancelled it. Thanks >_< I really wanted to try this game and NO FONT

_EE_ Pic 11.png



Where'd you get the iconset

Ventilation Shaft.PNG

I lol'd when I read this.

Everyday's an RPG

There's no font file. I want to play this can you please update the font file? D=