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Life is a story. Which is the one that defines you?

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Baclyae Revolution
A humble tribute to the Suikoden series!

Swap 3 :: a playlist on

Games made during Swap in 3 Middle With Who? event

Sign of the Dead
A young girl attempts to salvage her failing grades at the Holy Academy, after which things escalate.
I Got Reborn as the Demo...
Hopefully the NPCs are friendlier here. Brief comedy game.
Summer Wish
Become the greatest fisher of the region to save your grandpa.
Teishi tale, I need to p...
An amazing game made during Swap event 3
The Knife Hawk
Venturing into the Land of Magma and Blades, a lone hawk seeks a weapon of unparralleled power! Will the hawk find what it seeks or something else?!
Summoner's Soul
Swap in the middle with Marrend
Hell on High Heels
Swap 3 game about the embodiment of Powerword Kill
The Golden Pan
Battle with cooking! Sort of…
World of Darkness
One day, Sar, the King of Light, fell sick, and the World of Light fell into darkness.
The Geterix Legacy
An alchemist student and fairy stumble across a sinister plot with fallen gods and the future of the world
Magic is everything...
Fated Thread
Change your fate.
Isle of Dread
A group of pirates crash-land on a cursed island. What's their first priority? Loot it's treasure, of course!