Hi grayborders, the game crashed when I used a skill that restored Saragat to full health or something similar (not a skill that's usually on his skill list), then scrolled down the skill menu and this happened:

If it makes a difference, before the crash I restarted the game with F12.


Just wanted to point out that when downloading the game, Chrome signals this as malicious. I think you should compress it to avoid Chrome being paranoid, casual players might be turned off if they see the game as potentially dangerous.

Running RM2000 games is apparently impossible for me

Okay, here's the checklist of things to check:-
- Make sure you have the English RTP installed.
- Set the compatibility of the program to Windows XP or before.
- Set as Run as Administrator.
- Download the font patch.
- Make sure you have the right fonts installed.

All of this I have already done.

- There's a 1.85 version translated by Emperor Evil of Rm2K ;p
- No, we cannot give links. It's illegal and against site rules. Google is your friend, though. :D

Not sure were you got the idea I want to download an illegal program, I just want to play games.

- There are actually three different English RTP versions. Two of them are the same files with different names. That's due to two different translations.
- The third isn't so much a real RTP as it is an extended version with extra resources thrown in. It was known as an Add-on but most people around the time it popped up thought that it was an RTP so used some of the files. There should be a download for it somewhere (I hear Blade2K and RMRK are nice this time of year...)

So I need two RTP? The 'real' RTP and the add-on?

Running RM2000 games is apparently impossible for me

Why does every single RM2000 game I have ever downloaded miss a file or have an indecipherable font? (Iron Gaia, Three the Hard Way, A Blurried Line, Dhux Scar, Book of Three... just to name a few.)
To make sure it isn't me having an outdated RTP installed, I've made a quick search and it appears 1.32 by DM is still the most recent version available.

I see plenty of people play RM2000 games, why can't I? What does RM2000 have against me?


[RMVXA] YEA - Learn Skill Engine - Notecard information incorrect. [And fix]

His Core Script, for example, is filled with problems

What bugs? Please share, I'm using that script as well and I'd like to know what doesn't work.

Japanese RPG Maker Games

Seraphic Blue and Alpha Kimori are also being translated.

Also not so many custom systems...

The ones I played (translated or not) are full of custom systems.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Before the game crashes for the bajillionth time, can you tell me all the files that need to be added to the game's folder so I won't again lose hours of progress and time?

Good game by the way, it would have been better with the option to save anytime though.

Treasure cheat, or no treasure chest, that is the question.

I learned that chests never contains anything I can't buy already anyway.

I hate when I buy a weapon or an armour in a shop, and then find that very same piece of equipment in a chest in the next dungeon.
Lot's of RM games don't pay any attention to the redundancy of chests' content.

Would someone check my Latin?

I can't help much but I'm sure some parts are incorrect.

Intrusor is a masculine word, while devoratrix is feminine, so if you're referring to the same person/thing perhaps it's incorrect.
Pretty sure "consumer" is not latin. Even if it ends in -r I don't think it belongs to the 2dec.
In "A vorans umbra" the A is most certainly carried over from the english text because latin doesn't use articles.

But don't trust me, I always sucked at latin.
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