Dragon Fantasy: Heroes of Tsufana

Uhh.. In the middle of the game the ESC and x buttons didn't work when I was going to fight the Kingsquid
Edit: already fix it, sorry about that

Crypt Challenge EX

Hello, another problem. When I entered the throne room, my character is beside the stairs and can't move at all.

Crypt Challenge EX

Done, i can play it

Final Fantasy Discovery

...so... is this game cancelled or...?

Crypt Challenge EX

Its really not a glitch, more like missing file(s)

Crypt Challenge EX

The glitch you mentioned has been fixed. Enjoy the game!

I just download it 2 hour ago, and still the same problem

Crypt Challenge EX

Hello, I can't play the game because of the missing 'sandstorm'. Can you put the separate link for that one?

P.s when I open the image file, there's no parallaxes file where the sandstorm supposed to be
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