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The Screenshot Topic Returns

Um, several days of more or less constant work, probably. I also got lots of feedback from the wonderful people at Pixelation. It takes a long time to do but is worth it, I think. Spriting everything myself is going to make my game never come out, but as long as I'm having fun, right?

Edit: Looks like it took me the better part of a week, although I don't remember how much of that I spent working on it.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I was using Game Maker, but I've switched to RMXP because Game Maker is a horrible program. RMXP has an editor that doesn't suck and a well written, flexible, extensible script library, so it works for me. I decided to make it more of an RPG than I originally intended anyway. I haven't really done any hard development yet, but the design end is starting to shape up pretty well. Gonna write the script soon. Also, that thread is full of outdated information! The most recent information is in my subforum on .org, but I haven't posted there in a while because I've been doing mainly plot work.

I guess the reason I posted this here is because I was thinking of changing the graphical style to something more sleek and modern to match with the setting more, but that would set me back again, so I'm probably not gonna.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Glad you guys like it! I see what you mean about the monochrome, but I dunno, I sort of feel like it fits the atmosphere of the area. Other tilesets will be more colorful.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

This is just a mockup, but I'd appreciate feedback on the tileset. This is all made by me.

In-game resolution.


I almost always use my own art as my avatar. Current one is a character from my game, although I've been meaning to redo it since the hair is kind of weird.

Help Saya improve her pixel art

There's nothing wrong with copying existing art for learning as long as you don't try to pass it off as your own and don't try to use it commercially. She neglected to mention she used SD3 as a basis, but I don't think the intention was to pretend she made it from scratch. Since it was most likely just an oversight, we should probably stop fussing over it and get back on topic.

Saya, the main trick for palettes is to use one shadow color for all of the ramps. You can make adjustments for lightness or whatever as necessary, but having similar colors will make it look unified. Also, for internal anti-aliasing, let me reuse a quick edit I did for someone else a couple days ago:

Look at the third frame. See how I used the middle shade to transition between colors? This makes it look a lot smoother. You want smooth curves and smooth transitions between shades if you want your art to look refined.

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

Women are basically required to be attractive in modern visual media
Yeah, that's wrong.

Besides, I'm sure that people like Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom having amazing acting careers has absolutely zero to do with them being attractive men?

Sometimes people want a character to be pretty. That's just how it is. Works both ways.

Are you disputing that women don't have more pressure to look a certain way than men, especially in entertainment?

The Welp Advice Corner

I started my current project in '08 or so and have been working on it off and on since then. I keep pretty extensive notes, so getting back into it after a period of inactivity isn't hard. But I never delete anything, so I have a bunch of outdated notes jumbled in with current ones, which can be confusing. I eventually just started my notes file over.

Go Make me a Sandwich: Sexuality in Bayonetta (and other games)

Edit: @Crimson_Legionnaire: I don't have a problem with either of those characters. A guy not having a shirt on doesn't make him a sex object, though. His lack of a shirt is a statement of his manliness, not an attempt to attract female gamers.
Double standard accepted!
Yeah, it is a double standard. Women are basically required to be attractive in modern visual media, whereas men can get away with being ugly or at least not sexy.

Help Saya improve her pixel art

Hey, this is cool! A few things jump out at me, though. First, I like the texture of the grass, but the tiling is really obvious. Try making 2-3 variations and scattering them around when you map to break up the grid. Second, your palette choice makes the piece look disjointed. Pick very similar shadow colors for all color ramps, and try to have highlight colors tend towards the same shade as well (for example, yellow). Third, you're going to clean this up, right? Your bush looks awesome, but it really needs smoothing out and internal anti-aliasing. Same for the cliffs. Finally, while it looks good overall, it also looks exactly like Seiken Densetsu 3. There's no problem with that if you're just practicing, but I would caution you against using these graphics in an actual game because they're so recognizable. Up to you, though.

Also, are you going to make your own sprites?