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An open exploration-based puzzle game with a cool dog.



State of Affairs! Arf!

I'd actually adore some music help! I can draw n' gammake just fine, but music has never been a strong suit of mine. I'd love some musical help. Shoot me a PM or somethin'!! c:

What I really, definitely need is people to help rip tilesets and sprites currently! I actually have a super generous person who's ripped 80% of the sprites already, but now I'm looking towards reassembling the tilesheets for Happup. If anyone wants to help with that, please let me know!

Soma Union

Gosh darn if you dont make the most charming stuff, sgt!!


Oh man, how'd I ever miss this??? I loved seeing this on Starmen, I adore how you accomplished the art style

State of Affairs! Arf!

Ah gosh, Claus, you're too sweet! Comments like that only motivate me more to get this darn game done. I appreciate your constant support over the years, it means a ton to me. c:

Thank you so much!!

State of Affairs! Arf!

Thanks for all the advice y'all, I appreciate it. I'm using Dropbox now! I'm gonna see if I can find any super early backups of Happup I might have that might assist in gettin' this game back up off the ground. Losing this progress hasn't hindered my motivation at all, actually; I'm more pumped than ever to be working on this game again!!

If anyone wants to track my progress on getting this back up and running, I'm gonna be streaming on my Youtube channel while I work on restoring Happup. I don't super enjoy advertising, but having someone there while you work is a lot nicer than deving by yourself. ;w;

I'm gonna see if I can stream today, I'll be at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl6n4TYr1PB7JwGwbDbP2JQ
I'm friendly, I swear!!

State of Affairs! Arf!

Thanks visitor, I'll do that from now on. :)


absolutely gorgeous!!


I'd like to point out that it isn't just the developer's girlfriend who holds these opinions either; Shepple and some other people in their discord had a secret channel where they made fun of members of the community and displayed transphobia, so this isn't just contained to an (VERY arguably) unrelated party. Shepple is a lead developer and also holds harmful opinions, she just knows not to be as public about her hate.



Here's a bit more of an explanation from an ex-dev, I think; the main dev's girlfriend also just went on an absolutely hateful rant about transfolk, which is just awful.

It seems the transphobic behavior of the lead developer and her partner has been a thing for a long while, and that's incredibly disheartening. I hope you all consider rescinding your support on this product because doing so gives money to people who believe trans folk like my friends shouldn't exist.


Hello! I'm not a fan of starting anything drama related, but I wanted to inform people that if you buy this game, you are unfortunately supporting TERFs, or trans-exclusionairy feminists, who are very harmful to the trans community as a whole. I know the RMN community to be very LGBT friendly, so I wanted to make sure to let you know that if you support this game you are supporting someone who doesn't believe trans folk should exist.