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Screenshot Survival 20XX

@orange Thank you so much!!! It's always so nice to hear that people enjoy my visual style. I'm aiming for "really pleasant to look at but not backbreaking to animate", haha. So far it's been going really well on that front! And I'm glad you like bee boy, he seems to be a crowd favorite whenever he shows up.
Your game's style is also so much fun to look at it. It feels like I'm looking at playable Silent Hill fanart, if that makes any sense at all. It rules.
@Giznads what a supremely GORGEOUS style Nihilo has. It's insane how good the game constantly looks. You really managed to blend lighting effects and pixel art in a way that's very visually appealing.

@Momeka That is insane!!!!! I'm trying to push more of the limits of vanilla 2k3 but your efforts blow me out of the water every time. What a cool concept!! It's looking great so far.

@Fee_Nicks Man, what a captivating style. The GBC color palette works SO well and the warmth of the battle screen is really pleasing to look at. You've got a mastery over how to use a limited palette efficiently.

Over on my end: I just got a Kingdom Hearts-style Journal working in Astral Guard! It's fun messing with vanilla 2k3 and seeing how much I can bend the rules. This concept in particular was HEAVILY inspired by the Journals in the Kingdom Hearts series, particularly II. I used to pooouuuur over them as a kid, reading every entry. It felt right to include one for my first RPG, too!

Currently the UI, formatting, and music are all subject to change. Still, the groundwork is really promising! :D It feels real good to use ATM.


Really loving the environmental style here


What a rad look! I adore seeing 2k3 designs given such a fresh style. Looking forward to more! :)


Man this battle frame is so pleasing


man Cam Collins knocked it out of the PARK with the art here

Screenshot Survival 20XX

haha, thanks everyone!! Yeah, I'll post a more shrunk version. My laptop doesn't output 1 to 1 with pixels so its hard to get smaller screens without them appearing blurry. :p

along with that, here's a gif of Bee Boy in action!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Krimson oh neato!!!! its always real cool seeing people plan that stuff out :D

@Blind lookin CLEAN, i love the verticality at play here

@Lihinel Woah, that looks so cool! Them blinking faster might be good but overall its' a real cool looking title.

Ive been hard at work myself; here's an area I've been working on!!

Super Mario Death Row

Howdy folks, this one was sitting in the wings for so long I forgot to check it see if it got approved. Download is up now!


Lads be hoppin,,,..

2021 Gaming Diary

'Aight, this seems fun! I'm currently working on:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Kingdom Hearts (The first one)

I'll update these more later this week when I get the chance to start playin' games again.