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I checked the zip file I uploaded, and Radiant Rainbow Road is definitely in there. Did you double-check?

EDIT: Oh wait, you found it? Cool xD

I'll look at this sometime tomorrow maybe.

Revenge of the Fallen Review

Thank you for the review!

The technical limitations of working with RMXP without scripting (which is part of the reason the Summoner doesn't really behave in sync with everyone else, for instance) topped with the fact that I never really had previous experience making a game like this and a vague story that I came up with on the fly is the best answer I can give to why it's not particularly polished.

I give kudos to Gredge for doing a great job in expanding on the concepts with his half.

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Whoops time to start paying attention to this again. xD

Yay! I'm gonna direct an RPG Maker room in an Anime Expo here in Santos later this year!

Oh nice! Here's wishing for the best!

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Whoops! I better get up to speed with this. xD

President Trump

You guys are completely unable to do this calmly. You're just using me as a lightning rod for your angst. I'm out.

Good riddance :)

President Trump

Well geez loueez, Harmonic. Are you happy that the right got its big 'ol sweet revenge on the left, now? Because that's actually important to anything at all, huh?

And while you play this off as this is some kind of game, people who are in marginalized groups are losing their rights at lightspeed and the people who have the power to oppose this are being silenced. But getting your sweet little revenge is all that matters, and the plight everyone else has to suffer is somehow trivial or equal to everything you, and only you, are suffering, huh?

[MAFIA] - Shin Megami Tensei {GAME OVER}

The quote page is full of gold.

[MAFIA] - Shin Megami Tensei {GAME OVER}

Has anyone cross-checked psy? Frogge is a tempting lynch but I need a refresher on everyone else in this game.

[MAFIA] - Shin Megami Tensei {GAME OVER}

Hey guys, I just realized. Liberty's real abilities aren't stated upon death. Does this mean the role got passed to someone else or...?

That's actually plausible, especially when you consider this line in the flavor text:
"But, as long as man lusts for freedom..."

"I will never disappear."