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All three starters are very well received
Toribush seems to be the fan favorite

For Chi-Yim, such a change would alter its concept; it being able to use its extreme control over its power to always hit with low-accuracy moves like Focus Blast or Thunder, and is a neat way to make a Special Attacking fighting type a thing.
Yeaaah that was kind of the point of it, not to mention it would distinguish itself from Medicham a little. The idea of no guard on her was to take an aspect of Wing Chung Kung Fu in which fighters would practice blindfolded, having to sort of feel out the essence of their opponent (which is why their dex states that they are blind/have poor eyesight). I'm mostly fine with what you decide on, though.

Crabammer - Proposed name change to Crushtomp, to keep the name from being one letter off from its (likely) signature move
Alternatively, I propose, Crustomp (Crustacean/Stomp) :P

Otherwise, I mostly agree with what's already been brought up. Also Plugla is a great concept and Pokemon has never been divorced from goofy concepts.

Gamepage Pimpin'

The reward is having fun playing different characters.


@Hali: 'Crap' is definitely lighter but it's like... I've never played any mario game where anyone used that word? I just feel like it'd look a bit more professional and respectful of the source material to use just about any other word in its place.

As for the other stuff, I understand your reasoning.


When will this be finished? :P

Anyway here are my thoughts as I play these revisions

Big Blooper Basin
> I'm kind of mixed about the decision to remove the "no turn back" feature of this level in the sense that 1) there isn't much of an incentive to backtrack to begin with and 2) the level was designed with no backtracking in mind, so certain flower challenges in this are neutered by the fact that the player can go back to portions of the level to collect anything they miss.

At the same time, I feel like this lowering of difficulty makes the level more of a relaxing stroll and can serve as a nice breather between more difficult levels, hence I'm mixed about it.

> Did you replace the exit npc? the little ending screen you added made me smile. Overall I'm fine with what you did to this level.

Boom-Boom Bastile
>My memory sucks but what changed?

Caustic Chemical Compound
>I noticed that the hitbox of the green blobs were reduced (noticeable by freezing them). It doesn't affect much but what was the rationale?

Colonel Cryo's Calvary
>Only thing is that if you are going to replace the bullet graphics of the first section, make them use the same color palette as in Super Mario World, because that's the visual theme of this level. Also, those bullet's effect graphics revert into regular bills when they're hit.

>You love Colonel Cryo, don't you? :P

Radiant Rainbow Road
>The star exit is bugged in that it seems like the npc that triggers the SMW exit is one tile lower than the star.

>I'm fine with everything else you did to this level honestly.

Rockin' Roll Ridge
>Can I mention that your new exits are such a good idea? That bit of charm may seem like nothing but it makes collecting those flowers feel satisfying.

Searing Skull Stepping
>Didn't you lecture me on genre awareness when I was developing Poke RMN? Some alternatives to "crap" are "crud" "junk" "mess" etc.

>Soooo past the checkpoint I noticed you added a block right next to the lava pit with the podobo. I left that area clear on purpose. While hard to pull off, you could kick a buzzy beetle shell, chase after it, destroy that podobo and combo with the other enemies that follow to score a 1up. Now with the darn block it's not possible. Why u do this?

Switch Swap Swamp
>Love it but the "super koopas" look like regular swoopers?

SRW2 Beta is Here!

Ooooh I forgot to mention that Boom Boom Bastile has a bug where the graphic of the door doesn't appear in the bonus room that comes after the hard boss, but the pressing Up around the other side of that area will allow you to leave as if it were there. That's probably what you are describing, NeverSilent.

I blame Hali~.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

I admit it was hard to do much with this since editing the reds affected EVERYTHING but in game it's less taxing on the eyes.

A screen showing how it looks in-game. I think we have better contrast with this one.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

Ah, good that you've already addressed some of my main concerns with these levels!

As for the background issue with Fire & Brimstone, hi you are looking at an artist who knows how to use adjustment levels in photoshop and the likes. :P

I can do some color tests and send them over if you like.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

from Ratty524
I don't really feel it quite lives up to its predecessor. Some levels just feel a bit more "ugh" than fun...I felt like rage-quitting a few times, and even though they were very few I worry for how other players are going to react.
I don't understand what gives you this impression. Don't get me wrong, I loved the first RMN World; it's what I wanted out of this series all along. The only thing different this time was the aim to make the game coherent (and, y'know, four less people on quality control).

But I'm more curious about these 'ugh' and 'rage-quit' levels, because without you telling me which they are or why they were 'ugh' and 'rage-quit' to you, I can't improve them. Any more clarity you can give me would be helpful.

I think it's just that RMWorld 1 had more memorable levels in addition to having a consistent stream of quality levels. We were allowed to go ham with the theme of our levels and the fact that every level had different graphical styles and design tastes, which you could take on in any order you chose per world, made sense with the gallery theme. In a more linear, map-based Mario adventure like this, the vastly different tastes with level styles kind of feels like the game is fighting with itself on what it wants to be.

Granted, this is still turning out to be a great game, I just don't feel like it tops RMWorld 1 for me personally. We can still help it, though, by taking a look at some levels.

The not-so-good levels are very few, to clarify, but it has the reverse effect on me from what happened with the RMN Bros series: the bad ones really stick out in my memory over the good ones.

Off the top of my mind:
Giga-Funklen - I think I already mentioned in both a post back and a comment on Animebryan's youtube page (?) about my thoughts on what to do with this level. If I didn't, then I'll mention that the overall problem I have with this level is that it's a little bit unfocused when it comes to enemy types. Like, why does this level need speeding fat shy guys in a level that's centered around chucking veggies at plant/tribal-looking enemies?

Green Thumb - This is the level with the growing mushrooms, right? The one I mentioned had a weird bug at the boss fight that causes an unwinnable state? It stinks because the section past the checkpoint is the only thing I have an issue with. If you are not super or don't have a power-up to easily break those blocks, you have to rely on the koopa shells which are less reliable and slow down the pace of the level significantly, and right after that is a boss fight where it's very possible to die (from like, the sledge bros at least) and you have to do all that over again. To save you some time, what are your thoughts on moving the checkpoint past the block section and directly before the boss fight?

Naval Piranha's Bog - Water pits that if you fall in, you almost can't get out of, a switch block that you need to repeatedly backtrack to find and hit to find flowers, and topped with a boss that doesn't telegraph when it's going to shoot nippers right into your face, and the only truly viable method to beating said boss is to chuck the veggies at it's tiny belly, making it feel kind of tedious and boring. I think this was the first level I was truly frustrated with.

Ice Climbers - If only because of the crash I mentioned.

Mini-Boss Factory - I've already mentioned why this level doesn't sit well with me.

Fire & Brimestone - The only thing I didn't like was that the constantly strobing, bright red background was hurting my eyes. Go to an image editor and adjust the hue values to make it darker, please.

SRW2 Beta is Here!

Finally "beat" it sorta... By that I mean I think I cleared all of the levels in the game but I haven't collected all the stars because laziness.

To start off:

FAWFUL DIALOGUE FEEDBACK (because he's one of my favorite Mario characters and he needs work in this game, dammit)


(this one came out bad because SMBX but GDIADSFIAOJFSOI)

I haven't played the M&L games past the first, but I'm certain Fawful doesn't speak in 3rd person, rely on memes (honestly, anyone can come up with jokes like that) and just be... a very underwhelming representation of the character. His boss fights themselves are fine, but his dialogue is what makes Fawful himself and it's handled in a very sterile manner here.

Fawful isn't just a "looney goofball," he's a very specific kind of looney goofball who over-explains everything and speaks in a more poetic(?) manner as oppose to just "random ramblings."

The most important bits you were lacking were his metaphors. Here is an example as it appears in the official games:

Major thing to note is that he stays on a single topic, and iterates from that single subject with this metaphors.
The topic is the lives of the bros, which he compares to a caricature... and that caricature isn't just any caricature, it's a caricature of a cartoon, said cartoon was drawn by a kid, and just to add a punch to the insult, that kid was stupid! But even better, at the beginning, he mentions that their lives are something he'll spit on! Notice how he built up to all of that, though?

Here's a modern example that's probably even more clear:

He goes from bones -> dust -> mold. Isolated and put in any other order, it probably wouldn't work. Instead, his metaphors expand on a concept and adds to it.

The problem with this game's Fawful is that he often kind of stops cold with his metaphors and changes the subject to something not really related enough, like in the last screenshot of the game I showed. You got a good start with "Fawful's plan was a flop, like soggy salad" but then you transition into "dessert" which... doesn't really work as well since you started off with "salad." Was the salad the dinner? It fell flat for me.

A better dialogue suggestion for that scene, imo, would be something along the lines of:
You arrive, in FAWFUL'S CLEVER TRAP!
My plan was a failure. An underwhelming dinner with overcooked steak that was hardened with the charred taste of defeat.
But now I have a new taste! A taste for sweet dessert! The dessert is your pummeling, and the sweetness your demise!

(seriously you did not use "I have fury!" at all and I want to punch you)

Not saying my word is the best but do you get the idea? Your Fawful is off by a few marks and needs a bit of an overhaul with his dialogue. Try to get a bit more creative with it too, but even if you seriously want to keep that "the cake is a lie" meme there, there are so many better ways to handle it that doesn't feel like he breaks character.

/severe grilling


These two spots are where I've noticed the ye olde black tile that results from unused space and is so hard to adequately prepare against with SMBX's world map editor.


I like this level overall but I hated this secret. Your only hint is that the screen scrolls further upward, and the position of the vine block isn't hinted by anything else. You can create obtuse patterns with coin blocks, or a slight indication with coins themselves, or something. It just feels so... arbitrarily placed when the only reward you are getting is a single flower.

Not a big deal, but why can't yoshi eat Bullies? I guess you can ask the same thing for why he doesn't eat Drybones, either. Meh.

So these snowmen have block collision and they can push me, while I'm in statue form(?), into a wall and kill me instantly (statue can't even phase through them like regular enemies). Like... I don't know what's the point of making them have block collision in the first place? Still a nitpick I guess.

I guess they're kinda pointy, but the spikes don't look pointy enough. Especially when I played this riding a Yoshi, I got completely confused whether this was normal ground or not. I'd edit the tile to duplicate that pointed part of the spike over the rounded part. Doing that would make them unquestionably spikes imo.

Yeah sorry but this is among my least favorite levels in the project. The main issue I have with it is that you have to traverse it at a mostly fixed pace, because otherwise enemies and minibosses will stockpile on each other and certain sections of the level become almost impossible to clear. My #1 rule with NPC generators is that you need a way to dispose of them, otherwise they'll quickly clutter the screen and give players hell. This is fine in some sections of the level, but in stuff like the screen above there is nothing stopping npcs from filling up. Imagine if you did this making an actual SNES game, you'd murder your framerate.

!BUG ALERT! In the fight with Birdo in Clown Cars level, you can still enter/exit this pipe above even though it looks sealed visually.

!BUG ALERT! In the Yoshi world tour level, the effect graphics of the kicking smb3 shell enemy are incorrect, turning into a koopa when defeated with a tail. I don't think you are using the blue shellless koopa for anything else in this level, right? Should be an easy fix to replace the effect graphic.

Hali, is it possible to increase the movement speed of this guy by a digit or two? Waiting for it to go back to crawling up the walls is kind of painful, especially if you manage to miss him in the narrow chance you ever get an egg from his circle around the room.

Overall, it this game still managed to be fun, but I don't really feel it quite lives up to its predecessor. Some levels just feel a bit more "ugh" than fun, I also feel like World 9 as a whole could be tamed a little because it felt like a constant pounding of ludicrous difficulty with almost every level in that world. I felt like rage-quitting a few times, and even though they were very few I worry for how other players are going to react. Still, I can't wait for what the final release will bring.