I'd rather connect red to attack and blue to defense.


Red = Bad
Blue/Green = Good (I prefer green though)

Nintendo Switch; Yes, that's the name

I don't really care for handhelds (can't play on them without getting headache), but if that means that in the future all Nintendo handheld games will also be playable on a TV (unlike xDS), then that's great news.

[RMMV] Help with stat/formula balance!

Making each stat equally useful is something you can only really perfectly balance by testing your game.

On the other hand, does the player even have a choice on what stat to increase? If not, then it doesn't really matter that much, does it?

I'd say the formula you use doesn't really matter in terms of balancing, because there are actually variables you can modify as well. Like if the attack stats are simply 60 higher than the defense stats and you just put ATK-DEF as formula, you end up with 60 damage just like you would if all stats are the same and you put 60+ATK-DEF as formula.

Putting skill damage formulas is more a matter of how you want your skills to be like. Should they always be useful from start to finish? Should they get gradually less useful until they are replaced by a stronger version of the spell?

Usually I'd put down the formulas first based on how I want the skills to be and do the actual balancing when it comes to player and monster stats instead. It's more flexible than finding that one perfect formula that works from start to finished based on your character progression system.

Any music like this?

A lot of the music from Kenji Ito (SaGaFrontier) sounds a bit like the beginning.

Like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gIVF7dVE9o

Dialogue Choice Cycling Opinions

I like "crawling" text more than "bam!" text, but it needs to fit exactly to my reading speed or else it is very irritating.

I like how Shining Force solved it. Just pressing the button wouldn't speed up the text, only keeping it pressed did and it was only higher speed and not "bam! full message is there". So I could manually adjust the letter speed to my reading speed like that.

You still should make sure that when a choice comes and the button is keeping pressed, it is not confirmed immediately.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I'm thinking about how hard it is for me to release my games to other people or release early versions to get feedback. When I'm full of motivation, I'm afraid that any kind of reaction or feedback could break my motivation streak again. When I'm out of motivation I'm just like "it's not good enough to be released".

I actually often go to forums where people once (years ago) offered me to test my game and give feedback, open their PMs with their offer, read it again, click on the reply button and then think for a while and then end up with "Better not" and close the tab again.

Or I want to create a thread of a game I made, but don't even manage to start writing anything.

Or I click on the "Submit Game" button on RMN and then think "Hmm, pure programming can't be selected as engine, they probably don't want my games here." or I click on "New Thread" in the website feedback forum wanting to ask if it's okay to submit games made by pure programming, but then I'm like "You just make yourself look like a fool" and close the tab once again.

Or I go to Rogue Temple wanting to tell people about my games, but then there are the forums "Major Roguelikes", "Other Roguelikes" and "Early Dev" and I'm like hmm, definitely not a major roguelike, other roguelikes is sub-titled "games with an existing player base" which my unreleased game obviously don't have and I finished the game years ago so wouldn't call it early dev either. Then I wonder if I should post in the general thread or offtopic thread, but the existing discussions there are also not about certain games so it feels out of place too.

I find my behavior quite funny. I lost count of how often I closed a tab that was actually in a "post" mode at that time because I decided to not hit the "Submit" button in the end.

Often I really just want to express my feelings. I was thinking of writing a blog, but was like "nobody reads that anyway". This thread, however, seems perfect for that. All forums should have such a thread.

Yes yes.

Jittery when hungry?

Well, I'm not sure about the shaky thing, but stopping to drink soda (mineral water only for the past 2 years now) and starting to eat lots of vegetables definitely improved almost all my health issues (even back problems).

The main effect of "too much sugar" for me was feeling incredibly hungry and my stomach growling all day, even though I ate enough. And towards the end, always feeling sleepy and sick. But being real hungry can make me shaky too I guess.

Dialogue Choice Cycling Opinions

I like the thought bubble thing. I'd leave away the "NEXT".

Also I'm not sure if it's possible in RM but how about having to keep pressing the button for 2-3 seconds to select the choice. Like when you keep pressing it, a colour fills around the thought bubble and once it completely surrounds it the choice is taken. If you let go, the colour disappears again and you can select another choice.

Also as someone who made games with lots of choices - be aware that different paths increase the effort needed to write the dialogues exponentially. So plan these games small (unless the choices are just flavour and the result is always the same like in most JRPGs, then it doesn't matter).

[RMMV] Random encounter with foe appearing on screen!

As Liberty said, it works perfectly fine like that and was done before many time (in fact I think there are more RMN games that use a single sprite for all monsters than there are games that have a separate sprite depending on monster you encounter).

If you asked me personally, I'd say that the perfect implementation of non-random encounter I'm seen so far is in SaGaFrontier. In that game monsters are categorizes into the races Beast, Plant, Reptile, Insect, Bird, Slime, Undead, Human and Mec and each race has its own sprite. So there's not one sprite for each monster but only one for all monsters of a race. Also each race has its own out-of-battle movement pattern you need to learn to be able to successfully dodge it. The encounters inside the battles are still random just like you planned for you game with the exception that at least one monster is of the race that fits to the sprite touched.