How do some of you complete games so fast?

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your definition is wrong.
Sure, sure. Maintain the masquerade! Art comes directly from the Muses, not from the imaginations of daydreamers, druggies, and the mentally unstable when they're bored with whatever it is society expects them to be doing.

Dragonball: Fans of the anime will be apalled

So from what I hear, it's not even entertaining as camp. Bummer.

Star Ocean

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Ahh ohk. Then what the hell is an Rpg?
In video game terms? A game that can trace the basic format back to Dungeons and Dragons. In jRPG terms, almost always via Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest or both.

Now if we were talking about Pen and Paper RPGs, there'd be a bit more to it....but even then not much. There are at least as many hack and slash dungeon crawls with very little role playing involved as there are story-driven campaigns where everything comes down to being true to your character.

Star Ocean

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I was under the impression that Rpgs were meant to be story driven?
No, that's just what nerds tell themselves so they can feel like their interest in games is more noble than people who play other genres.

Star Ocean

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Star Ocean 3 was absolute shit no matter how you look at it. I almost fell asleep within the first ten minutes of the game. I honestly don't know how people can enjoy that monstrosity of an Rpg.
Star Ocean 3 was one of the funnest RPGs I've ever played. As in "I would intentionally get into fights I could avoid and that wouldn't even give me decent exprience just because the game CONTINUED to be fun to play, even after 80+ hours."

"It's bad no matter how you look at it" is just a flat out false statement. "It's bad from all the aspects I care about" maybe.

Star Ocean

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I'd almost consider them "new", considering 1 wasn't released in the west, and the 2 update seems to have improved on things A LOT. (cough cough, Claude's voice...)
How could it POSSIBLY be SO2 without "TEAAAAAAR INTO PIECES?!"

Star Ocean

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There's actually six Star Ocean games. There's two that came out for the PSP.
They're just remakes of 1 and 2, aren't they? Do they really add anything?


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That was my immediate thought after seeing it. I was engrossed with the movie start to finish, and strangely, unlike other long movies that I enjoyed, it didn't feel long at all. That is unusual for me.
Yeah, the pacing was great. The only thing that reminded me just how long I had been in the theater was that I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of it. Almost missed the "Rorschach holds Dan's hand too long" thing.

It was pretty cool. I haven't read the graphic novel version yet (I figured chances were if I read it before seeing the movie I'd be comparing the movie to the comic for the whole thing and that would make it a lot harder to take), but it was pretty watchable. I knew it was going to be dark and violent going in, but I was amused to notice parents were STILL bringing their kids in to watch it. I'm glad I wasn't one of them when they got to the impotence plotline.

I liked Adrian more than I expected I would, but he's still a total douche. So is Rorschach. But they were interesting douches, so that's all right.

Where's Your Username From?

It is a garish font option and a bit of a parody of how everyone stuck "Shadow" to sound mysterious by pairing it with a very unmysterious and frankly stupid thing like ugly font choices. Probably too subtle, as I imagine at this point I just look like one of them.

Still, this was like fourteen years ago, so I've just been using it out of habit since then.

Resources, originality and theft

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A game belongs to the world to be played. Music belongs to the world to be listened to. Art belongs to the world to be looked at.
Certainly the RIAA would agree with you. "You only get to listen to music in the ways that we have layed out for you and explained in this EULA that you didn't read but we're still going to hold you to." That sound about right?