Ayyyy, wubba lubba dub dub? I love rpgs. Give them all to me.
Tobi My Secret Cow
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I am amused

I require assistance (again)

Holy poop thanks O_O I've always did this pixel by pixel ;_;

I require assistance (again)

I'm feeling lazy could anyone turn this sprite's skin green?

I already did half of it :x
It's supposed to go with these


Need help with making a face!!1!

Oh thank you! And sorry >_<


It really reeled me in :p

Pick a title for me?

I'm going to go with Tobi my Secret Cow ^^

Need help with making a face!!1!

Can someone maybe shrink this to 96x96? When I resize it, it gets a bit pixelated!

Or could anyone take this picture and make the background transparent? :D If you can~
Thanks! Oh and I use RPG Maker VX Ace

Pick a title for me?

Twin Ends

Your picture is a real eye catcher!