Ayyyy, wubba lubba dub dub? I love rpgs. Give them all to me.
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The Other


That was great. It really did take me on a journey. I'm glad I downloaded this.
Aghh.. Beautiful.

Don't be indecent!

Oh! I like the idea~

[RMVX ACE] Anyone know the name of this program?

It sounds like what you're looking for is Image Positioner.

You can find a link to it here.


Oh my gosh. Thank you so muuch!

[RMVX ACE] Anyone know the name of this program?

A long time ago, I downloaded this program to tell me what coordinates I needed to place my portraits where I wanted them for RPG VX Ace and some other engines. I can't remember, but I probably deleted that program after I went on hiatus.

If I remember correctly, I would upload my picture into the program. Then it would show on a black screen for me to move it to an exact spot I wanted, telling me what coordinates it is. Anyone know the name to that program? I can't fraking find it. And I know it exists, 'cause how else do I have my portraits perfectly placed?!

Game Name Game

Among Us

Type of game
2-D top down, dark, RPG
The women you play as will have these flashbacks and what you do in the flashbacks will possibly change the gameplay.
Give context
You are a woman who is isolated and constantly tortured by her husband with his.. experiments.
Describe an example of play
The player gets to choose what the wife will say to her husband, causing different events to occur, depending on what she said. While in one her flashbacks,she is walking through a forest with her children, you can choose whether to pick her fire element skill and burn the forest down, causing one of her child's deaths, or choose a water element skill, and have a playful water fight.

What question is your game trying to answer?
Can you find the power in you to take down the monster who lives among you?

Short pitch - A monster dwells within your home, is it you, or is it someone else?

Long pitch - Experience being a woman who must undergo her husband's freak experiments. Will the pain be too much for her, or will it not be enough? Perhaps she deserves this. Be careful, the choices you choose for her could endanger her life even more.

Description on RMN -
Abbi the wife of Alton Harris recently discovered her special skills, when her husband found out he became so fascinated. So fascinated, he ran experiments on her, and began treating her as one of his lab rats. Before all of this happened Abbi had freak accidents, due to her uncontrollable powers. However, with your choices, maybe you can help her with her constant trouble and abuse. Or even, make them worse. It's up to you.

+10 flashbacks
+Crazy adventure dreams
+Choose her fate
+Watch her appearance change
+Unlock secret events
+Using keyboard combos for interaction

wat is dis. I dunno.

May the 4th Be With You! (winners!)

What is Your Lightsaber Color?
Your Result: You are Blue; Sub-Colors: Orange & Silver
Jedi Guardian. Of all the Jedi, you are perhaps the most aggressive. You value Skill with a Lightsaber over Power in the Force, and you're talents are always driven to the side of Justice and doing what you believe to be Right. You are a heroic persona, protector of the Innocent, and a straight shooter. You are straight-forward, trusting, and reliable - and maybe even a little quick tempered.

Result Breakdown:
74% You are Blue; Sub-Colors: Orange & Silver
61% You are Red
46% Your are Yellow; Sub-Colors: Purple & Black
31% You are Green; Sub-Colors: Pink & White

Quiz URL:

Given Luck

Is this game out theres no download link?
it looks pretty cool

Haha! It wasn't. I deleted the files, but looking back on this, I should have left it up for you guys to play.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

I watched Pewdiepie play this.


Create descriptions of your images. It's motivation for people to comment on the game IMO.

Wow I just noticed this comment @@ What's a IMO :X

Online Forces ReDux

I am pleased