Hong Kong

Speaking of not buying it, I used to love Overwatch and it's relentlessly positive message, and I desperately wanted story missions and so on.

I don't think Blizzard was ever ethically involved with Overwatch. It's just a product to them for sure. I think it's important to dissociate a product for its producer. I think it's great that you are inspired by the message of the game but I certainly don't share your optimism regarding the humanity of corporations like Blizzard (or any corporation for that matter).

My take on the apology was a typical PR stunt. Case in point, they decided to issue an apology when their feet were put to the fire. Also, while they apologize, Blitzchung is still banned for 6 months. Talk about an apology.

Hong Kong

I might be a little biased, but I want Hong Kong to win, whatever that entails.

I do too and I'm very interested in the whole thing.

I've heard the following opinion regarding the CCP giving in:
China can't afford to give in as it would create a precedent for the various ethnic groups in China who want to break free of the mainland. Hong Kong might start a domino effect which triggers other insurrections among Tibet and the Uygurs for example.

There's a lot at stake here for the mainland. I'm hearing different perceptions regarding the protesters with some saying that the movement is losing its momentum.

I've heard specialists saying the People Liberation Army wouldn't walk into Hong Kong to handle the situation but I wonder if things wouldn't change if the protests end up going on for too long.

It's too bad the protests have turned violent however as statistically peaceful protests have a greater chance of getting results. I don't blame them for doxxing the police officers or the actual violence, I can understand the frustration.

Hong Kong

Is anyone following what's been happening in Hong Kong?

What's your take on it?
Do you think the 5 demands are justified?
Are they going to happen?
Was Blizzard right in the way it managed its apology?
What about the NBA?

It's a lot of questions which could probably have a thread on their own but I figured I'd throw all the topics and see where the conversation goes.

Alternative to RPG Maker

Just to let you know I decided to purchase GMS 2. I'm currently watching tutorials on youtube. Just have to approach this a little at a time.

Alternative to RPG Maker

I think my big issue with the way MV uses JS is that knowing the language isnt enough, you kind of need to work out HOW the engine is using Java on a case by case basis in order to manipulate it.

Pretty much, yes, this is what I was trying to put into words.

I was checking some tutorials online yesterday on youtube and I was under the impression that it was indeed very similar to JavaScript. Everything felt similar. There seems to be a lot of documentation to tie in game making and GML scripting which is what was always missing for me for RMMV.

I don't know if it's a budget thing but I feel like the coding is sort of there as an afterthought for users. Not so much in the sense that it's not well implemented, but more like in the sense that it's not implemented in a way which is easy for users to get into when it comes to coding for an actual game. It gives me the impression that coding is an option for people who have background knowledge but out of bounds for newcomers.

One thing I deplore about RMMV games is the lack of diversity but that, I think, is also due to the engine's limitations. You're strongly encouraged to make a game which funnels down a certain archetype. Steering away from more classical design often requires plug-ins which means even the game who are more diverse than the rest will often end up using shared plug-ins.

That's my take on things anyway.

Alternative to RPG Maker

I still think Unity seems less beginner friendly than GMS. We'll see as I'll buy the latter.

Alternative to RPG Maker

@pianotm: I share the same mindset. With Java Script, I didn't know where to start to actually temper with code and experiment. This is what I meant by high level of entry. I couldn't figure out where to start and how to start experimenting. My motivation therefore waned as even though I understood more and more, I was still unable to implement anything.

99$ is a bit expensive but Game Maker Studio 2 does seem designed better than RPG Maker and generally more user-friendly (to me anyway).

I'd rather use something free like Unity but I find Unity were hard to get into as well. It also has options 3D options which I don't need for my own project. I guess it feels like it'd overkill.

@Ramshakin: I've heard pretty dismal comments about Fusion. I mean, it wasn't very encouraging.

Alternative to RPG Maker

Well, I have jumped in, that's the thing :). I've done over 100 coding exercises. What I'd need are exercise related to RMMV as opposed to abstract exercises grounded on theory alone.

I'll look into GML 2 then.

Another crucial aspect which is important to me is to be easily able to use custom maps without having to use a plug-in and parallax mapping since I don't use RTP.

Alternative to RPG Maker

I've considered AGS (adventure game studio) but like you said, circumventing the limitations seems to be daring to me.

Maybe check out the other aspects of the engine and see if there's a CodeAcademy course for the language that engine has.

I've actually done quite a few of those courses. I can manage some courses on their own fairly well. The problem I have (with JavaScript for example) is the very, very high level of entry.

So I have quite a bit of background under my belt. I've also done quite a bit on FreeCodeCamp:

Despite all this, I don't feel any closer to coding anything on my own, even something very basic. As you can tell, I'd really like to but I can't.

I would've hoped to put my coding knowledge (as limited as it is) from the get go, but the amount of coding know-how is so vast even for the most basic things, that despite the time invested in understanding coding, I'm not any closer to the goal I've set myself. Which leads to mounting frustration.

I even tried reading books about rpg maker mv. None really discuss the programming aspect, I suspect because the author are unsure as to how to tackle the coding aspect of RMMV themselves. They mention (or rather he) it's there but sort of as an afterthought.

So, ultimately (and after some thought), I'm looking for en engine which would make code-writing accessible to new comers (without having to hold a degree in computer programming).

Adventure is not very descriptive.

That's because nothing is really set in stone just yet. I do want to make my own tailored combat experience and I've been told that's the hardest thing to do coding wise.

Alternative to RPG Maker

I want to create an adventure game with slight rpg elements.

What always gets me is the coding. I find Java Script excessively difficult to understand. I've tried online tutorials and hours of practice and I still can't figure out where to start to code something I want to have (either with a combination of various events or pure script).

So I'm looking for an engine which makes coding accessible for a beginner. A coding language which is simple to understand would be really neat. Then I can have the systems I want to have without relying on anyone but myself.