[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Ahhh ok, I think I understand, you're sort of circumventing RPG Maker's limitation.

So out of curiosity since I'm on the topic.

You'll notice I've used the same frame twice on the sprite sheet. That's because I want this frame to last longer in the actual animation. I'm guessing RPG Make MV doesn't provide control over which frame lasts long in each animation so hopefully it'll come across ok. I think I'm on the right path at the moment, thanks for the patience. Hopefully that double-frame won't look weird or that quickframe with the eye blur.

For the first command in page2 Character: Show Animation... put the animation of the fruit going up in the air (might need to figure out how the battle animation editor works and how to put the fruit in a proper battle animation sheet with only one image). Make sure wait for completion is OFF, we'll want the character to do an animation at the same time.

I don't understand that part however.

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying.

But if I use the walking animation, won't I be limited to 4 frames for the animation (like for a walking animation). Because my animation is longer than that...

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

I'll be honest, I'm confused. I'm still very new to RPG Maker so that might be it.

I've done like you said and went to create the common event. Here's my question though:

When I'm making my animation, do I use the same animation template as I would for battle animations? From what I understand, each frame for animations is 192px/192px. Where do I put my character? On the bottom left corner of each square? Or am I using the wrong animation template? Am I supposed to use a character walking animation sheet? I think that's what I'm supposed to do but I'm not sure.

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Thanks for the detailed answer.

If I don't want the character to face different directions and just use the face direction, then I can get rid of the West, East and North directions, right?

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Hello again,

I made an animation for my game for when the character acquires something, sort of like in Zelda:

I'd like this animation to trigger every time the player acquires something. Of course, instead of an apple, I'd like the icon of the acquired item to show up on top of the character.

What would be the best way to go about doing this? If possible, please explain in details as I'm really a beginner with the engine.

Thank you!

[Paid] Scripter/Programmer

[Paid] Scripter/Programmer

Hmm... I guess experienced programmers are pretty rare then.

Basically, I need someone to help me with my fairly complex combat system.


1. There's a single character in the party at all times.

2. The battle is front view (like Dragon Warrior).

3. Instead of traditional commands to select from, all the player has is what I call an interactive bar. It looks like this:

(I'm talking about bar filled with different color stripes in it).

4. The idea is for the knife to move from left to right over the bar. It's pretty much the same as the hacking mechanic in Bioshock 2.

5. Different colors have different results. This is what determines the action the player will take in battle.

For example, "red" is a fumble, the attack is wasted. "green" is a regular melee attack, "purple" uses up a certain special ability, "yellow" would be the equivalent of defense, using it before an enemy attack would be strategically sound. So this is pretty much a complete overhaul of the traditional action selection in battle.

6. Every action uses up "stamina". The lungs icon in the picture below.

Stamina is the currency used when trading-in actions, regardless of the type of action. When stamina gets too low, certain sections are replaced with "red" zones as they are currently unusable due to low stamina.

Stamina is recovered every time the knife does a full run without interruption (the knife moves from left to right without any player input). This is the equivalent of resting.

7. Enemies attack on a similar mechanic. The skull icon gradually filled up as the knife scrolls on the meter. In other words, every pixel moved fills up the skull meter. When the skull meter, the enemy attacks (from a variety of different attacks available to it). The skull meter is then reset to zero after the attack is done and fills up gradually again.

In other words, the longer the player takes to play, the more the enemy attacks. There can be more than one enemy at once in which case each enemy will have its own skull meter. The skull meter will appear on top of each respective enemy in battle.

8. Whenever an enemy reaches 0 hp, it is destroyed. Same goes for the player.

9. Players will be able to assign abilities to various colored stripes from a pool of available skills, each with its own cost in stamina.

10. I expect the usual such as attack animations.

11. The colored bars should be randomly redistributed every time the players takes an action to keep things challenging.

So basically, I'm looking for someone who can code what I've explained here. I'd need to know how much I'd be charged for that.

Thank you!

[Paid] Scripter/Programmer


I'm looking for a scripter to code things for my RPG Maker MV game. I'm looking for someone who's an expert and can do anything.

Contact me through PM if you're interested.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for RTP-Style Pixel Artist to Commission

What's the color scheme? I might do this one for free to help out.

[RMVX ACE] Looking for RTP-Style Pixel Artist to Commission

Do you need animations as well? I'm guessing you want face, side and back views as well as walking animations for each point of view? Anything else animation-wise?

I'd provide the color scheme right away (palette). More information is always better for this type of thing.

This isn't a difficult task. I'd say a couple hours work at most.