Screenshot Survival 20XX

Alright, so:
-Moved the pillars down.
-Added highlights to the walls
-Highlights to the pillars
-Highlights to the floor
-Added cracks and moss to the top of the wall
-Changed the perspective of the fireplace/cauldron
-Added the bucket on the left of the door.
-Fixed the barrels

Anything else?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Nice map, well executed isometric. I like the junkyard part on the bottom right the best.

How could I improve on this map?

Thank you.

Build 0.58 is out.

Thanks, finger crossed it'll meet your expectations.

[Paid] [Music & Sound Effect] 100 Masks

I'm bumping this.

I want to pay about 40$ per minute of music.

I don't need anyone for the sfx, I did them. Just the music.


This looks good but will be very, very time consuming to pull off.

[Paid] [Music & Sound Effect] 100 Masks

I meant Darkest Dungeon for the tone, not the level :).

Your songs sound good. Let me know of your fees please.

[Paid] [Music & Sound Effect] 100 Masks

I'm looking for a (cheap) composer for my next game, 100 Masks. To be completely honest, I hired a pro composer for my other game and it was way overkill. Which is why I'm looking for someone who's starting/amateur. That way I can pay less and you guys can get some money, exposure and experience.

Contact me through PM with a quote for your price.

I'm looking for someone who'd do the SFX as well. They can grab royalty free sfx if they want as long as they can be used in a commercial game.

I'm looking for something very small actually on the music side:

1. General exploration music, something grim and dark. Sort of like something you'd find in the darkest dungeon.

2. Battle music, something exciting.

That's it. There's likely going to be quite a few sfx however.

Let me know, thanks!


@x-Buster: I'm glad you got the reference :).

[Art] Miniatures


Considering making this a reality...


Looks cool, I would suggest making the outline thinner, would likely look even better.