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Shouldn't the legs be facing the "left" as opposed to being turned towards the "camera"?

Just some archer doing her thing:

[Poll] Which die do you prefer?

@Shinan: Confusing as in the perceptive is wrong?

They would technically appear like so:

No fancy animation so to speak. I could do it but I think it'd get repetitive to watch the same animation every single time.

[Poll] Which die do you prefer?

Hello, I'd like to know which die you prefer. Keep in mind that the individual die is to appear on the scroll by itself.

Screenshot Survival 20XX


Looking at the bottom right, you'll find 7 icons to represent character "skills". I'd like to know which one you think is the best one or what I should add to make it the best one.

Thank you!

[Unity] Die Based RPG Combat

An example:
Rogue rolls 2 die while goblin rolls 1.
Rogue gets: 3 and 4 Goblin gets 3.

Rogue wins by one.

1-2: 1 damage
2: 2 damage
3: 3 damage
4: 4 damage
5: damage

Five tiers.

Goblin wears a leather armor with a protection of 1 and a durability of 10.
Goblin doesn't take any damage but armor durability goes down by 1. So maybe the weapon damage is too low. Something like:

0: grazing 1 damage
1: 2 damage
2: 3 damage
3: 4 damage
4: 5 damage
5: 6 damage

That would probably work better. No? In that example, the goblin would take one health damage point and one durability. Wouldn't that work?

I want to keep the health in a lower digit like the other characteristics so that's why I need to be careful when setting the armors and weapons.

Feel free to provide an example of your own, I find it's easier to understand with an in-game example.

[Unity] Die Based RPG Combat

I should add that I love the graphics so far.


That armor thing is quite a challenge. There has to be a better way. I think I'll probably have to go with:
1. Reduce durability by one each damage you get hit. It's simple, keeps numbers low, and intuitive. It will also closely match my system, which is where durability is reduced by the protection value.

It's not the perfect but at least it's simple and manageable.

I just thought of something:
I could simply base the durability reduction on the type of hit you've received, light, medium and serious and critical hit. We've discussed this before:
1-2: light wound
3: medium wound
4: Heavy wound
5: critical wound

Durability Reduction:
Light wound: 1
Medium wound: 2
Heavy wound: 3
Critical wound: 4

I think it would work while keeping the small increment I'm going for.

[Unity] Die Based RPG Combat

If you want to keep things simple, I would go with making movement cost more for the dwarf. That way you could just list the movement cost in energy for the dwarf and it will feel like any other action (since, if I understand it correctly, all actions have movement costs). The downside to this method is that you'll need to use larger values so that you can have smaller gradients in movement (so not 1 vs 2 but more like 2 vs 3 or 4 vs 5).

I don't want to have higher increments, it would clash with the rest. The highest score for a stat would be 10 which is pretty much legendary.

What I did was to add a movement value (the boot icon):

This means the Rogue can move 4 tiles free of charge (energy-wise). Any extra tiles beyond that would cost 1 energy:

Regarding armor, I'll just go more or less with this:
As for the armor, in the example you quoted I intended the character to still take damage to HP anytime damage exceeded the armor's protection value.

Light armor provides 1 protection and various durability depending on the armor.
Medium armor provides 2 and various durability depending on the armor.
Heavy armor provides 3 and various durability depending on the armor.
Exceptional/unique armor would provide 4 (and various durability).

For example, you could have a wizard garb and the cloak. While both provide a protection of 1, the durability for the cloak if 10 while the wizard garb is 5.

Every time the character is struck, damage is reduced by the protection of the armor. For example, a damage of 4 would be reduced by 1, meaning 3 damage would be taken.

Durability goes down depending on the damage taken. Here I have two choices:
a) durability is reduced by the damage protection. For example, taking a hit of 4 for a cloak would reduce durability by 1.
A chain mail, with a protection of 2, would lose 2 durability.
The problem with this is that in a way in doesn't make sense. A blow of 4 should reduce durability of the cloak a more than the chain mail. So this doesn't really work.
b) Have armor lose the same durability regardless of the blow with every hit, say 1. This would make things easier to keep track of but it doesn't make sense either. A powerful blow should damage armor more than a light one...

I don't want the second skin option. So I need to find a better solution for durability management.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

3. Flowerbeds and some elevated bridges.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that? What would the bridges be based on? The top of the hedge or some wall somewhere?

@Lockez: Thanks, I've integrated a few of those ideas. I'll show you the new result soon.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Mirak: Erilex's screen is definiely not pixel art.

@Erilex: I like the modern setting, it's looking good. The only thing bothering me are the tiles which are bland compared to the rest and break immersion.

Heavy WIP

I'm experimenting with the idea of a hedge maze (never mind the big tree in the lower left, I'm experimenting):
1. How would you assemble the hedge from the stairs? I'm stumped.
2. Do you think the hedge is high/thick enough compared to the miniatures?
3. What else could I include to break the monotony inside the maze? Roots? Patches of grass? Statues?

Thank you!

[Unity] Die Based RPG Combat

I checked the Excel sheet but I'll be honest and can't really come to any conclusion about it, especially about the grazing. What's your conclusion about it?

I've also got a new problem I have to find a solution about.

Basically, it's energy. Energy is my equivalent of action points. This means that every turn, you trade in energy for various actions be it using skills, casting spells and movement.

The thing is that I don't want all characters to behave the same regarding energy spending more particularly when it comes to movement.

I thought of having a single unit such as 1 tile = 1 energy to move around. But then I think some classes, like the Dwarf, shouldn't be able to move as nimbly as the rogue. His movement should be more limited.

One solution would be too give more energy to the Rogue and less to the dwarf. But that's not perfect. I want the rogue to move around more around the battlefield, I don't want it to necessarily be a lot more active than the dwarf when it comes to using skills.

I could have a situation where the characters use different energy amount to move one tile. This would make things too complicated I think.

Another solution could be to provide a new stat, movement, to each class. Each class is allowed a certain amount of "free" tiles before they need to spend energy. The rogue would have higher movement than the dwarf for example. I like this solution the best but it *would* involve adding one more stat which makes things more complicated. I want to reduce stats to the strict minimum, sticking to whatever is necessary.

Any other solutions?