Alternative to RPG Maker

I'm finding myself frustrated by RPG Maker (or perhaps my lack of knowledge about it).

Anyhow, do you know of any other game making software which especially designed for beginners? I essentially find myself stumped every time I want to implement an idea I have which isn't natively supported by RPG Maker. I subsequently need to rely on other people which either slows down development or never happens at all (or with a programmer disappearing with the money I've paid him).

I've done some research and came up with that list:

From what I understand, GameMaker Studio seems to be my best bet. It seems easy enough to use although the price is quite high. From what I understand it can go up to 1,500$ for development. That's a pretty major hurdle unfortunately.

I want to do something 2D which is pretty simple so something like Unity would be overkill I think. Also, I didn't think Unity was that user friendly either.

Adventure Game Studio, while free, doesn't provide much for anything but adventure games from what I understand.

Godot seems overly complex.

Anyways, I figured I would ask other people for suggestions. Thank you.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I really like this, surprised no one commented. It's a breath of fresh air and it really stands out. If you've drawn everything, I think you're very talented.

This, too, is really cool and different. I'm impressed by both the art style and the technical aspect (having the portrait move like that).

Is there a reason why the ground is black underneath the character instead of the normal ground showing up?

@KoopaKush: I like your screen as well. I think the resident evil bullets don't really fit in the rest of the screen though which is homogeneous and has great cohesion.

[RMMV] Displaying More Formatted Text

Quick question though,
You should be able to achieve that with a "Show Picture" command, YEP_MessageCore + YEP_X_ExtMesPack1 (for specific x,y positioning of the message window) and "Show Text" with a transparent background.

Would this allow me for the text to appear right on top of the line at regular intervals though?

[RMMV] Displaying More Formatted Text

That's actually a good idea, using the single page, I didn't think about that, thanks.

[RMMV] Various Combat Mechanics

I've thought up of various combat mechanics for my game but I'm trying to get feedback about the actual designs:

Design A:

I just did a mockup of what I had in mind. In the example above, two PC are engaged in close combat. The thief is at ranged combat while the wizard is farther away. Players can move on the scale from turn to turn, going closer (towards the skull) or further away from it. I like it as a concept.

I'm wondering if three locations on both sides is enough however or if it's too limiting. I don't want too have too much for no good reason.

Design B:

I've tried to simplify things a bit. I'd like to integrate the aesthetics of boardgames (miniatures and dice). Instead of having two sets of terrain (enemies and allies), I mainstreamed things to just 5 tiles.

In order to hit the selected target (marked with a cross air) the player rolls a virtual die. I've identified the "to hit" target number, 6 if the enemy if the furthest away, 4+ one square closer, 3+ one more tile closer and the hand-to-hand tile.

The idea is to use risk-reward:
-The longer they wait to shoot, the more likely they are to hit the target.
-However, the closer the foe is, the more likely the player will end up being injured by getting into a fight with the foe.
-Since ammunition would be limited/it would take time to reload, the player needs to choose wisely when to do which action in combat.
-Once the player gets into close-combat, there should be some kind of price to pay. I'm not sure what that would be. I'm thinking that combat could become a lot harder and the player to deal a lot less damage.

Questions I have for people who have some game design experience or ideas:
1-How could I mitigate RNG? I can imagine how it would be frustrating to keep missing a target... This is a big one.
2-Could I arrange things better to have a more interesting UI? If so, where I could put things?
3-How could I deal with close combat in order to make it riskier since it doesn't use ammunition. In other words, how can I make sure that close combat becomes a last resort as opposed to a way to kill enemies without spending ammunition?
4-Any ideas as to how I could make things look better? More coherent?

Design C:

You'll notice I've changed a few things.

a. have added a bullet meter. Out of the six bullets, you'll see on bullet has been spent here.
b. A bullet would be potentially fired each round.
c. Instead of going for "all or nothing" I've modified the damage system to be less RNG influenced. While 1 or 2 is still a miss, anything higher causes damage, from 3 to 12 on a critical hit.
d. I've changed the die design as well to make it more elegant.
e. I've changed the design of the font.
f. I've modified the pathway to make it more coherent.
g. I've moved the cross hair under the position tile.
h. In this concept, I don't take distance into consideration however... which might be problematic as not very realistic. So that's one issue.
i. Another issue would be reloading. If the enemy advances one tile per round, there would be no point in having a gun clip as he wouldn't have time to empty it anyway.

Possible approaches:
a. Disregard distance as part of the battle mechanic when it comes to scoring a hit.
b. Have more position tiles or have the enemies move half a tile per round. That is to say, to spend one turn to move in between the tiles. Or have the enemy move slower than one tile a turn.
c. Use QTE to determine a hit:

The idea being that the arrow moves left to right and the player presses a key to determine the outcome with different colors dealing different amount of damage.

I still have to design:
a. Close combat.
b. Should I display enemy health?

Design D:

I've dramatically reduced the bullet size to make the UI more appealing.

I've gotten rid of the die. This will give the player agency over the result he is going for. This also allows me to implement distance.

The further away the target, the more red zones (miss zones) present. The closer the target, the more green and yellow zones.

If the opponent reaches the player, hand-to-hand is handled this way:
The HP (100 and 50 here) goes down by their damage factor.
The player has 5, the monster has 10. Both their HP goes down by the damage factor until one reaches 0 and dies. So it's important to avoid hand to hand at all cost.

Thoughts on UI design and the combat ideas?

[RMMV] Displaying More Formatted Text

Hello guys,

I've tried to learn programming but with my full time job and other commitments, it's not something I'm willing to pursue any further (for the moment anyway).

Here's what I'm trying to do:

Basically, I'd like to make a gamebook where my text would be displayed on the page below as opposed to using a standard window. I thought I could use YANFLY message core in order to have my message displayed as a big window but it doesn't meet my requirements as I wouldn't want text to be displayed in certain areas.

This is just the book.

A single line, 211 x 14 pixels. Note that the top part should be 15 pixels high instead of 14 pixels to replicate the top of a book page as opposed to a single line.

I'd like text to be displayed like so, with a padding of 5 pixels on both sides of the line:

The red mark is just to visualize the 5 pixels padding and it wouldn't appear in-game of course.

I don't know if there would be a way for word wrapping to push any words to the next line if the word can't fit on the line.

If possible, I'd like to have a flashing marker to indicate that more text is coming. I'd like that animation to be more than 4 frames long as designated by the default windows setting:

I guess what I'd like first and foremost is:
Is this a request which would involve too much time for people to tackle for free?
and also:
Could a plug-in help me to achieve what I'm trying to do?

I'm willing to give up on a lot of wishes here provided I can have the text in book general objective fulfilled. I've tried at other forums but I couldn't get a single reply so I decided to try different communities to find answers to my questions.

Hi, I'am a 2D Graphic Design Artist (Cartoon) for hire ($14/hour)

I only put my price list always on the last 2 post only, I think it works good so far

Well it seems to be there in every single post you make. Just saying.

I guess you'll probably just say: "Thank you for your comment" and just keep doing your thing, but it this way of copy/pasting every single time makes you come across as unprofessional, like a teenager first trying his or her hand at marketing strategies and ultimately deciding that brute force is the way to go.

While this way might "work" due to law of probabilities, you'd likely be more successful by being more structured about this. A well organised price list in your OP which you update every once in a while when necessary. I personally wouldn't hire your services if only because your way of promoting your art is over the top. It's impersonal which is why people have hinted that you might not be a "real person". Other members have commented about this but it seems like you're willingly ignoring the feedback you're getting from potential customers.

It's too bad because you're likely shooting yourself in the foot. The art is fairly basic (in my opinion) and you could therefore benefit from more skillful self-promotion.

I'll thank myself for my comment.

[RMMV] Parallax Mapper (PAID)

I'm going to go ahead and bump this topic. Still looking for someone to hire. Send me a private message if you're interested of you can ask questions in this topic here.

[RMMV] Parallax Mapper (PAID)

I'm looking for someone who'd like to design maps from assets I make in an dilapidated urban setting. I need someone to map apartments and building interiors.

I'm also looking for that person to design puzzles to solve in said locations. The game is meant to be resident-evil inspired but I'd like for the puzzles to be more complex than that. I'd ideally focus more on art and creating assets and gradually give more leeway to the game designer.

The game uses a typical point and click interface: look, take, use and use inventory.

I'm looking for someone:
-reliable who can promptly reply to emails.
-Who enjoys designing puzzles and gameplay elements.
-Who is creative and imaginative and has experience playing video games with puzzles.
-Is familiar with the resident evil franchise and its atmosphere.
-Who is good at making credible maps.
-Who has time on their hands and can respect deadlines.
-Who can manage their time according to their goals.

If you're interested, contact me through PM with your hourly fee.

Thank you for reading.

Screenshot Survival 20XX