Screenshot Survival 20XX

Oh yes, you're right! I'll fix it, I have yet to proofread anything.

Just so we remain on topic:

This is still WIP which is why it looks incomplete though. Any criticism, any nitpicking would be great.


Screenshot Survival 20XX

I've lightened the color and changed the font, I think it does look better:

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@visitorfromdreams: I really like the palette and custom art. I think perhaps the character should be in the same perspective as the rest of the scene?

(I had fun with your little character, really like the design of it).

Great stuff, I like the humor. Perhaps adding texture to the grass/pavement would be something to consider? Just a suggestion.

I'd like some feedback on my own screen please. It's a gamebook (like fighting fantasy) with both text and visual representation.

Here are my questions:
1. Font readable enough?
2. Would it be better to align all four tabs? It looks better but it makes less sense page positioning wise.
3. Is the separation between book and the game area distinct enough?
4. Is there enough text being displayed at once?
5. Is the text spaced out enough, it is easy to read enough?

Would you be interested in publisher services?

Like I don't share that sort of information even with my closest friends or even my parents. I can tell you though that my games are being bought worldwide, all across Asia, Japan and Africa.

Might as well keep it three continents there as Japan is part of Asia.

Anyhow, I think you've made it clear that you don't want to share sale figures and yet people will keep asking for them. They want to be reassured about possibly trusting you but you won't reveal what they want to know. Might as well leave it at that otherwise this thread will just keep on repeating itself. People won't be satisfied with your answers and you trying to convince them by providing other arguments which they're not interested in.

I think as developers we're all instinctively wary of people who provide "peripheral" services which involve money. It's probably natural to be suspicious of anyone offering non-game related services which will influence income.

I don't think you have bad intentions but I think you're approaching this awkwardly. For one thing, creating a thread here really isn't going to do anything apart from getting criticisms for you to implement/ignore. Focus on social media and make a name for yourself and then people will be much more trusting of your services.

Ratings On Screenshots

Voting could be an idea to find how what the community wants as opposed to the most vocal elements want?

Is there Something Wrong with me? Am I just not a good dev?

Here's my take on it.

Sometimes things are difficult to understand. In fact, I'd say that reality is in itself extremely complex and that we have very limited means of interpreting and a very limited understanding of what's going on. Here's my point:

Things aren't always binary: 0 or 1. I'm either "good" or "bad". I suggest thinking beyond that.

It's a gradation of things I think. Maybe your maps could be improved upon but your monster design is very interesting. See what I mean?

Perception is a fickle thing. You seem to assume that people will review your game to help you out. Some people might do that. When it comes to youtube, people care first and foremost about their viewers, not your game. If it wasn't your game, it'd be another game. The objective with youtube is get viewership.

If that person gave calm and super objective feedback, most people wouldn't stick around. People want to be entertained, that's why we have Jerry Springer and reality tv. Youtubers aim to tap into that desire to entertain. So there's that dynamic there.

Long story short, you are taking this personally when you're merely a means to an end to a youtuber and her audience. Maybe it shouldn't be that way but that's the way things are.

Featured! I can die happy now...

Well done on getting featured. You have worked on that game for quite a while now. Determination!

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

I hate fiddling :). I need to find a way which doesn't involve fiddling.

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Could I use another way than the battle animation? I find it's a super hassle to move every animation just right and I can't imagine messing with that with every single item. I managed the pick up animation, it works great.

[RMMV] Item Acquisition Animation

Alright, I've managed the first step at last.

As I said, it's just about figuring out how to have the item appear now. I don't know where and how the apple will appear but I'll give it a shot as a battle animation.

The problem with the battle animation is that it's super zoomed in which might turn out to be problematic.