Final Fantasy Discovery
A faithful recreation of popular Final Fantasy systems blended into a single game.
Title Source Info
Actor Escape Bonus 1.02
Raises the chances of a successful escape when a certain actor is in the battle party.
12/02/2012 02:08 AM
Land Vehicle 1.04
Changes the default Boat vehicle into a Land Vehicle, with some options.
12/02/2012 01:22 PM
Final Fantasy Style Battle Log 2.04
Changes how the Skill and Item display in Window_BattleLog functions. It is visually similar to a Final Fantasy game.
12/11/2014 06:22 AM
Final Fantasy Style BattleLog v1.02
Replaces the default BattleLog to function more similarly to how the BattleLog works in a Final Fantasy game.
11/07/2015 01:14 AM
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