While I've used RPG Maker for maybe 4 or 5 years now, I've never completed or published any RPGs. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. If I ever do, feel free to say whatever you want about them. Note that I don't make them namely for a fanbase but more of for my own self-enjoyment, however, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Right now I have absolutely no inspiration for any future projects. I've juggled a few ideas for either new things for my current project (which is borderline hiatus right now) and new ideas but nothing is satisfying me -_-




Douglas, what the hell are you doing here? O.o (don't mind thas comment, my main char uses that same sprite.)
wait til you see its ultimate power in game (something im working on)
It's gotta be powerful if it can levitate off of the table O.O

I'm here.

Wow... Kentona usually just says post lots to new peoples. That means that you're special, Sanderf90.

But yeah, welcome to RMN. Hope to see some of those tutorials soon.

A challenger approaches!

-__- Thanks a ton...

A challenger approaches!

When will this fad be done?

Pokemon Black and White

I am God b*tches, I don't dare be sandwiched!

You Have Two Hundred Words

Um, you do realize 200 words isn't a small number, right? I've written book reports with less words than that.
how old are you
Nearly 17.

200 words sounds like a lot but it really isn't. Once you've been writing for a while you actually find it harder to keep inside a 500 or less wordspace then write in a 200+ one.

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I just can't seem to think of how to proceed about it. I have a good portion of the script written past where I am, but I can't seem to find time or inspiration to continue.
However, I have actually started thinking about new ideas and stuff, which has led to some inspiration. And with a review, I now know what needs to be improved and fixed.

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EITMOD has been viewed 8945 times, which I must say is kind of surprising.
I even have 6 subbers, which makes me feel loved. :D
Now if I could just get more work done on the damn thing -__-

ITT we tell the poster above us why their favourite game sucks

If it's so good, how come I've never heard of it? :P

Elder Scrolls III is my fave right now (but I can think of hundreds of ways how it could be insulted -_-)

Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl Review

1.) As far as I know I believe it's the current demo, unless that one goes on beyond the hotel. I only downloaded it a week ago so I assume it's current.

2.) There might've been a few bugs, but I didn't notice any of them.