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Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

The speed bug was always related to Sakuya, she has an overworld passive that when she's in the party, your overworld move speed is increased.

THAT error...I've seen that pop up every now and then, as well as "Divided by Zero", and I don't know why it does that to either one?? Anyone more privy to the engine might know, but it's a mystery to me, and quite aggravating.

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Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

I always assumed it wouldn't due to the nature of the skills being event based (it doesn't work on Cirno's summons at all for some bizarre reason, I recall). Can't think of whom else has event based skills, but Sanae or Byakuren would be ones to test it on I'm sure. Wonder if hers would do the same thing.

I didn't beat the game until like level 50-60, if that says anything. Pretty sure 70 is going to outspeed a lot of things at that point.

EDIT - Ironically, I came up with a solution to the problem for Keine. Anything that gives 0 EXP shall now give 1 EXP. There, problem solved .V.

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

And thus, now you're forcing me to fix that bug, thank you.

Also wait, doublecast works on Keine's skillset??? Huh...I guess the way multiple castings for a skill that's event coded doesn't work the same way as a normal skill being used twice in a row?? That's interesting to know.

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Ah, she must still be using the same old trigger then. I wonder why that switch never activated, huh...at least that's a very simple fix. Not gonna reupload it NOW, but will at least fix that.

EDIT - Also, on topic of EXP, if you're curious, this is how it looks per character in the engine, and why it's such a massive pain for me to adjust anything to. T-T

First one is how much their EXP would look like in the menu, 2nd is how much it takes per level to level up. RPG Maker is soooo bad by default with leveling up. T-T

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Well, at least this time it took a couple months? Seems last time I had to this was back in August so...that's a plus? ^^;

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Aye, that be the one. I've just uploaded a new version, so if you are willing to test the things with what you saw broken (Tiamat/Cirno/Hollowed Caverns), then that'd be swell. Well, the Cirno one SHOULD be perfectly fine now, but the Tiamat/Caverns one I'm curious about.

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Ahhhhhhh all the bugs, wtf is happening. By the by, is it supposed to be Fallen Shrine that you're meant to go to next? If so, it is a cave you have to go through in Gensokyo to get there. I believe it's the one with that's not the switches, or the one with the switches, but the one that SEEMS like it doesn't lead anywhere.

EDIT - Fixed the one with Tiamat, that had the wrong trigger, and the one with Cirno now doesn't add Reimu back in at all (it shouldn't have to, as long as you have Cirno there anyways). Same thing probably with Hollowed Caverns.

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Be thankful that at least you didn't have to PLAY it. I actually playtested it, and it was too long for even me. 3 hours that entire thing was...I was like "lol nope...already have long enough crap, don't need more". Granted, I hated dummying it out since piano helped with it...but there was no feasible way to make that short at all sadly. All those scenes? That's literally every cutscene in the area at various points, so yeah...take that as you will as to how massive it was (this is INCLUDING the dimensional rift area that you screenshotted as well). @_@;

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

If it's that filter, that's a flashback, so that's perfectly fine. I feel like that's a part I could trim out, it's actually the entirety of the Ruins of Vina dungeon that was going to be in, but got removed, but the scenes were kinda important (as you may have seen SOME of), but not ALL of them needed to be seen honestly. The phasing mode might be an issue in later parts of the game though if you still have it on...