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Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Oh, so it was. I think originally that was an armor for Reimu, but it was a super weak armor, so I changed it to Keine's due to the shear difficulty of those fairies.

Umm....what?? That doesn't sound right...can you show what's going on?? Because after she wakes up, it's supposed to move on from there to the next spot I thought...was the last place Frozen Field?? Or is it all in flashbacks, because there's a massive cutscene that's all flashbacks of a dungeon.

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Oh lol. Was that armor a drop or findable, I don't remember. I honestly thought of making it halve the power of History commands, but decided not to (luckily, Fs can never be bought, heh. I thought of that one!).

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Even if it's hardcoded like Keine's moves are??

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Hey, old man Xenomic, I thought you were removed in all instances?? Guess I missed that one somehow??? Ffff...that was a debug thing for myself for testing things faster, guess he slipped past the radar.

Yeah, NulAll nullifies all ELEMENTAL damage only, so non-elemental attacks would work fine. Otherwise, when NulAll wears off, he's gonna eat stuff pretty hard (though Poison is a rare element anyways sadly...). Greg there can be pretty scary I think, in both phases of the fight. Ultimate Illusion is rough. x_x;

I do think that the 2nd half of the game is a loooot better than the first, and will always think it is. Probably because story is actually able to be more concise without jumping from area to area wandering about aimlessly, and characters are actually getting plot, and the characters that SHOULD have been important the whole game are actually being a bit more important now (yes, I'm staring at you, Hope!).

You're probably one of the very few that I know to use Keine at all lol. Most people won't use her because they don't understand her gimmick, or hate her low accuracy (most of her moves have 70-80% accuracy, and in RPG Maker...that's usually less than what it seems it feels).

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Yeah, Yuuka's was really hard to do anything with since she's so limited. Hope does have a lot, but the thing with her fight is that the Mirror actually will use the OPPOSITE skillset of whatever Hope is currently using. So if Hope's using her default skillset, the mirror will use Fate's, and vice-versa. Gloom just does whatever she wants in the meantime. And in THAT fight, since it's JUST those 3, Wall and Starlight Barrier last a loooot longer than usual, heh. I don't remember if the Mirror has Dispel or not though.

Ack...I knew I'd forget to change some things in regards to Shadow > Dark and Spirit > Ghost (Dark was to save on description space...).

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Yes, Shadow and Dark are the same thing. Was there some descriptions that are still using Shadow instead of Dark??

I'm still very iffy on the Gloom fight personally. It's so hard to make actually good 1v1 fights, and that one I think might be too annoying, perhaps? It has an interesting gimmick, sure, but I dunno. It's kinda like the Yuuka segment fights, I suppose?

Xenomic Streams!

In today's stream, we continue through Act II, hopefully finishing it in one go!

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Yeah, things like with Keine for example lol. That's probably leftover code from the original Keine fight, which...well...Keine herself couldn't be used at all, and thus I never thought of removing the coding Hakutaku after I removed it or something. @_@;

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

I'm very much aware of testing things, considering how many times I've done iiiiiit. I even made note of doing so about that fight (since that's the only time you get to use him IIRC, so no point in having him even there). If there's any other points after that, well...

Critical Hit! (now playing Theia: The Crimson Eclipse)

Oh riiiiight. I thought I dummied Youki out lol. As you can tell, he's meant to be since he never got a proper skillset (nor spriteset as you can tell). ^^; And huh...I'll have to look into that with Curse Dragon then.