I'm a casual gamer and I have always had a passion for creating stuff. Wheter its drawing, making games, creating stories or designing new ideas in my head. I always have and always will enjoy creating.



Super RMN Bros. 3

I remember that world 9 had a couple of stars I'm stuck with.
Also I only remember one level I got so frustrated at that I actually sweared at the game. (It didn't help)
And that level was labyrinth by someone I can't remember.
I don't know why, maybe because it was trial and error, but damn I hated it.

World 8 had my mushroom factory, if I recall correctly...
Which is really really really easy if you can get a blue shoe with you. Since the level doesn't really restrict you. However I know it's hard and it had some problems with the end, but hopefully nothing too big.

We're very close.

No problem... Maybe I can help make it more enjoyable, or not.
It seems like a pretty solid game already, but another angle on seeing things can bring fresh ideas to the table. :)

We're very close.

If needed, I can test for you after June 5th...
That is, if you need a tester and you think my work qualifies.
(Mainly my critiques can be found on RMNB3 event page around the first 14 pages or so.
And some later on Hali's levels.)

However for the sake of my sanity I won't be writing as large texts this time around (I'm really confident)
,since I seem to take my sweet ass time on most of my levels, that I critiqued.
F.E. At 1 point I spent 3.5 hours making critiques and checking about a set of three or four levels levels thuroughly. (on SRMNB3)

Anyways...Choise is yours. I'm willing to do it, how bout' you?

(Sorry for any possible misspells, lot of crazy words for a finn to spell.)
ALSO I'M FREE (obviously)

Super RMN Bros. 3

I encountered this problem too, but whit a diffrent probably
For some reason ring #2 seemed to disappear, but not count the ring. I flew over it a couple of times to make sure I get all of them. Also, I think I got it by collecting the highest one. I could be mistaken though.

ALSO you can fly back to the start if you mess up on the island part andglide to the middle idland from the red blocks if you muck up. Just be carefull.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Haha, YES! got through the locked version of the game. I'm free!
IDK, if I'm gonna collect all the stars, but I might if I get bored.
But for now, I'm happy with getting Mario out of that dark blue pit.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I'll get the patches and new versions when I finish the SRMNB3 the first time and manage to safely copy the Level folders.
(I DO NOT want to go through the files again deleting every single point value.)

Super RMN Bros. 3

I put the peach there because I thought it gave a nice balance of more challenge and more help, you can float over alot of things if you know how...
However I did not meant it to be mandatory, I believe however that we should have notified this to hali before the game was published.
Our bad I guess...
Hali's words:
This is, first and foremost, a Mario game. Mario will be the only character available to play as, but that doesn't mean you can't use the other characters. If you want to make a stage involving Luigi, Toad, Peach, and/or Link, you must specify so. Include the appropriate character block at the start. If you don't, I'll assume the stage was meant to be played as Mario. You don't have to switch back to Mario at the end of the stage, though. I will manage character swapping in the hub area.

I believe, that giving the block to begin with signified to hali, that it's the character this part MUST be played at.
Our intentions were diffrent from hali's and since we didn't specify, that's what we got.
But I played it, and I thought it was passable and good enough.
Definatly not 5/5 maybe around 2/5 at best, but still better than some others.
IDK, that's just my opinion.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Why is it that my level is the only one that somehow got left with a gamebreaking error -.-
Yeah, this is kinda embarrasing, but I found a game breaking bug, in my own level.
It's hard enough to trigger, but it really was a stupid mistake and I should have caught it WAY before hand.
It's a really easy fix too, but I'm going to upload the fixed version in my locker anyways.
Basically I happened to miss having 2 same coloured switches in the level, If you happened to trigger one of them earlier and did kill atleast one blue enemy, the blockage would still be there and the doors would still be hidden, rendering you stuck.
So, I'll post the link for the fixed version once it uploads properly, if hali wants to update the download or something, go ahead, but replacing just the lvl. file with the new one fixes it so... Your choise I guess.
Again, I apologize, big mistake, should have seen it earlier.

FIXED Mushroom Factory
That should do the trick.

Super RMN Bros. 3

If you want I can help, Though hopefully,I won't be packed with school work at the time.
I can also let someone else get that spot if they feel the need, but I'm definately open for the idea.

But, we will worry about that when the time comes for a SRMNW.
No need to take too much pressure now, we just barely finished this one less than a week ago.

Oh, also it's 3am and I haven't gotten any sleep, due to couching and vomiting. So, right now. Isn't the best time to make decisions on my part.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I was doing a test recording to see if I could get a good frame rate and a good audio sync, but my recorder does a horrible job on both.
Goomba Caves, 8 coins.
Did you cheat as in look where they are or putting em all in a line and start at the end or what? Cheat as in, get through walls or such. IDK.
It's a fairly hard challenge, I'll admit it.
If I ever make that bonus star guide, maybe I can show off how to get em.

Also, is hali the main judge in SRMNW, or will some other staff member try their hands on super rmn bros series?