I'm a casual gamer and I have always had a passion for creating stuff. Wheter its drawing, making games, creating stories or designing new ideas in my head. I always have and always will enjoy creating.



Castles- Masterpiece Set

Thanks for all the feedback on Stonebrick castle. I'll try and correct everything, escpecially the checkpoint.


Why is the level one tile higher than a full screen?

so that I have 1 tile more space to work with...

You also need to 3 instant warps to that room instead of just one. Otherwise there's a chance they can fall in the hole and die.

I could've sworn I accounted for this already, I believe I have two there? or not. I could be mistaken.

You can't make the bonus room have lava though: You'll already surprise the player because they'll think it's just a pit, so all the lava in there needs to go.

Aww.. I like that lava, but I'll take it off if you want.

I'll be implementing this today probably after school or tomorrow. Assuming my brother won't be playing on our crappy laptop all day.

Castles- Masterpiece Set

Tried something rather basic this time around, most likely it didn't work, but I won't mind too much.
Oh and I didn't get much work done on this project or any project for that matter in the last 2-3 weeks, other than my school stuff. Every time I would've had an opportunity my brother was playing LoL. (He just got into it)
So yeah.
Difficulty, I have no idea I'm gonna say 2, but it's probably higher, maybe. I don't know what is classified hard these days.

Castles- Masterpiece Set

This is going to become a running gag isn't it? -__-;

No respect at all...

Castles- Masterpiece Set

It's been awhile since I played the classic Sonic games. It sounded like it would belong into the sky. :)

Castles- Masterpiece Set

Sky Sanctuary?

Castles- Masterpiece Set

I might try something in this event.

Super RMN Bros. 3

Name suggestions for alternate Super RMN bros. All-Stars:
Super RMN Gems Collection
Super RMN Bros. Revamped!
Super RMN Bros. Compilation
Super RMN Bros. Link_2112 Edition
Super RMN Trilogy Revisited
Super RMN Bros. Supreme Collection.
Just to name a few.

Super RMN Bros. 3

I heard that a simple rule on difficulty goes:
"If you think the difficulty is just right, it's most likely way too hard."

Nagademo Review Drive: "Just June Jollies"!

author=Killer Wolf
I'll sign up to review Super Doki Doki World.

Oops, totally missed that. Well you called it first so, you can scratch my name off there, I'll look out if there's anything else I could review.

Nagademo Review Drive: "Just June Jollies"!

I could do SDDW, if that's Okay.
It will also be my first review, and I will probably* get it done.