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Harpy Lady Lyd Review

i think it's still hard to see, here's what i meant in case you're wondering

EDIT: never mind, i think it's a cache on my side. just did ctr+shift+r and it works flawlessly.

A postcard from Finland Review

no problem. as i said in the review, you have a good writing style, so that's a plus for me. the initial ending might work if you are not turning the game into murder mystery, but it depends on how it is executed. on the other hand, i admit that i like the hidden object part, which is possible because it's a murder mystery game.

Harpy Lady Lyd Review

no problem! thanks for making the game too!

ps: maybe you need to change the font color in the reply box for this game page... i hardly can see what i typed since the color is too similar with the background color

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Door of Shadows Review

No problem! Yeah, it does. Iirc, there is one area in the dungeon where you meet your last party member where 4+ enemies group up together. Come to think about it, i think the enemy rate becomes more manageable on the way to the desert, but the dungeon felt too long since you need to explore ~3 dungeons before you reach your destination (including the desert), so that might affect tbe battles too.

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Release Maker Birthday~

Take your time! I hope you'll sort out your computer and internet issue soon though.

Port Traventor Review

The use of caravan in the game is nothing but an annoyance. You can't use it to travel everywhere on the map and every time you try to drop off from it, it will drop you to the south side, either blocking your path from the exit or dropping you in the direction that you don't prefer.
I'd like to announce that this problem is solved since tonight. I've finally found a way so that it's no longer possible to block your own way when getting off the caravan. I uploaded a new version a minute ago. :)
nice job! That will make it easier to travel that area.

Release Maker Birthday~

i'm not sure if i should submit media of an event file to someone else's game, so i guess i'll just opt for the second option, making a post with a text file of the review.

here's the text file.

hopefully i didn't do it wrong this time (feel free to let me know if i did though).

Hello, aquatorrent!

Thanks for replying! I know people have made Harold fan games, so in some sense, maybe if I draw an illustration piece of Harold and specifically say which Harold fan game it comes from, then it might be all right.

However, now I'm tempted to write a review for someone else's game instead... may be too inconvenient to draw illustration pieces with the amount of the time I have left, considering other projects and things to work on.

- Kiyasu
that can work as well. feel free to submit whichever you're comfortable with, of course, since review also count for the submission. good luck with it!