I liked to make games as a hobby during my freetime and it slowly developed into what I like to do most. I'm still in improvement, as everyone else so my products may not be perfect, but I want them to be :D
Crimson Shift
You control an Assassin trying to break free and learn the truth. You can help her, or take her down a different path.




Damnn this gif is oozing ambiance and coziness, really loving those colors! <3

Thanks :D I'm hoping to keep that feeling up through the game.


This looks good~

It'll only get better, promise c;


Is he fapping?

With the hand on the table or the hand that he's eating popcorn with?


This looks cool.

Thanks! Glad you like it :D


WOW! Really well done! Love the graphics!

It makes me really happy to hear that :D


Nice, this looks interesting. I really like the art style too :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Rosary Of The Reaper

Oh, tumblr is where I make frequent updates. This year's planned demo was cancelled because an artist backed out making all game artwork unusable for the whole project.

Oh... scratch that comment then.

Rosary Of The Reaper

Alright, honestly, I' ve been really looking forward to this game. A lot.
Following it since I started making games Tbh.
One time you switched assets, its fine, some polish and etc does good for a game, but ever since then, it just got new assets again and again, came allegedly close to having a demo a year ago in november, ever since that its been just coming soon. Today is the target of completion, and not even a demo is complete.

Didn't hear from you(dev) for a looong long time with a proper update.
Stop being in the infinite hell of redoing stuff, because it really looks like that's what's happening. Just settle and start finishing the game instead of being stuck in the cycle of redoing stuff over and over and over again.


For me, it's likely because it's the main character. The poster girl for the game. And yet, not even knowing if she's a tsurime or a tareme makes me hesitant about the writing for pretty the entire project. Also, it says this design is the final one "for the demo" (if she even makes it that far) so we may see yet more Kannas before the final game.

At one point I even accused the dev of using Infinite Kanna Works to artificially increase the frequency of game updates.

There comes a point where updates have the opposite effect and you just lose interest.

It's like the game just looks like

Infinite Kanna works Lol thats a good one


Man its sad to see all the nice versions that had nothing wrong with them get thrown out over and over again.