I liked to make games as a hobby during my freetime and it slowly developed into what I like to do most. I'm still in improvement, as everyone else so my products may not be perfect, but I want them to be :D
Crimson Shift
You control an Assassin trying to break free and learn the truth. You can help her, or take her down a different path.




Wow, lovely mood and ambiance being given off here! That lava lamp is an amazing touch

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!!
Used to have one irl but it aged out sadly.
I thought it d be a nice contrast to all the blue and purple in the room :D



Love this, especially Unelma!

"Have no fear. I am here!"
*Superhero AURA*
"I'm tired, ok?!"

Seriously, I really like the character dialogues and personalities. Well done!

I'm glad you like them! Can't pass out on inserting some humor into them :D

Rosary Of The Reaper

You've probably not been following my tumblr, so I'll tell you here, but I still hadn't actually finished Part 1 before releasing it. I keep hearing that I shouldn't be required to rush myself nor my project for my fans, but I do it anyways. I am a solo developer, afterall, working on a project that is, well, quite stressful sometimes to work on.

For someone who has followed me for so long, you'd probably remember in one of Kanna's original profiles that her profane language is actually a character trait of hers specifically. Probably my fault for not having profiles kept up, but it was there at some point.

Me giving myself a deadline caused me to rush part 1 to it's completion. If I'm going to be really thorough, I need time, which is why you'll need to wait. Once Part 1 and Part 2 is combined, I can hear any and all criticisms after the entirety of the demo is released.

Remember, I'm working for free here, and I make all of this by choice, to those who have decided to follow me and my subscribers here as well.

(I never knew that song was from elfen, I might have to do something about that)

I just can't bring myself to use tumblr as much as I want to. Rushing never helps, I'd much rather wait than have a rushed game to be honest, so as much as it results in more waiting and bitching from certain people(lol), taking your time is more important.
Nothing wrong with swearing in terms of being part of the character it's just difficult to pair it with the artistic representation she has initially. A bit more easing could help probably.

Rosary Of The Reaper

Played the demo and honestly, its underwhelming.
I've been following this game since the start, was looking forward to it, and got impatient with it as seen a bit above, but i was in the wrong so readjusted that.

Anyway the demo, The main character's presentation gives 0 reason for her to constantly swear, and even if it did, the only thing she says is "Fuck". It feels too forced.
The art is beautiful, the music is beautiful(though I'm certain the elfen lied song at the start is copyrighted), and the atmosphere is beautiful. If the writing in general wasn't so off along with the main protags general presentation, this would be a very nice experience.

I also find the doorways not transferring you as you touch them instantly, kind of weird but can live with that.
The demo itself contains just lore(btw all the backstory was pretty interesting) and some very minor happenings, nothing to crown it. Now I know it's gonna be a two parter but the way it ends, with nothing strange happening, aside from one or two things you may encounter as you read the library, is kind of insulting for a 3 year wait for a single demo.

Forgive me maybe i highered my expectations after waiting for 3 years for this a little bit, but thats how it is.

Looking forward to part 2 though, hoping for the best.

Demo release incoming.


Damnn this gif is oozing ambiance and coziness, really loving those colors! <3

Thanks :D I'm hoping to keep that feeling up through the game.


This looks good~

It'll only get better, promise c;


Is he fapping?

With the hand on the table or the hand that he's eating popcorn with?


This looks cool.

Thanks! Glad you like it :D