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KazString: Working WIth Special Variables
How to use the kazstring plugin advanced functions
01/23/2013 02:50 AM
Breakable weapons
Should be self-explanatory. When you use the attack command, your weapon unequips and is lost
12/06/2017 02:37 PM
Advanced Status Conditions
Stuff other than the basic statuses like poison/slow/blind
01/28/2018 09:02 PM
Self-Contained Savepoint
How to make savepoint load by location variable WITHIN the savepoint
07/30/2018 03:04 AM
File Control - Interdependent Game Files
Tsukuru 2k3 only (it's a DynRPG tutorial about exportable text files
08/26/2018 11:01 PM
Perfect Chests
How to make a unique chest that doesn't use ANY switches
06/01/2019 04:23 PM
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