[RM2K3] Can someone make "Ignore Status Priority" Patch/Plugin?

I literally have this problem:
-I have a number of homemade status effects, that start at the beginning of battle.
-Or which persistently get re-added to certain battles in case somehow you manage to remove them
-However, status priority screws this whole system up in two ways. First, if I make a number low, other statuses can actually overwrite that status. But if I make it high enough that it won't be overwritten, it can block other status effects. For example, I used to have a blind-like status that would recur within caves. But try as I might, re-adding the status resulted in it being nearly impossible for attacks to add poison or paralyze or whatever.

I want:
-To be able to make certain statuses cancel certain other status (Haste vs Slow, Bless vs Curse, and vice versa). Preferably using the DynRpg.ini to type something basically preventing Status 15 and Status 11 from coexisting.
-I want other statuses to stack, and ignore the priority number.

Could someone please help in this regard? I'm about to add in a status and have basically needed to turn it into a switch event instead.

Let's Play: My Own Game

Typically, people only play other people's games, and stuff. But:
(1) I'm barely learning how to do streaming and recording and don't trust myself not to a botch job.
(2) My game was played up to a certain point by IndependentArt, until he basically got stuck on a black screen. He said he won't be playing anymore. So I'm finishing the game.

I will NOT be streaming. I tried to do this on Twitch and I could never figure out if my stream actually go saved or not. So I'll record the game. And if my parents talk or something happens in the background you may hear that crap too, but I will try to disable the microphone.

I will also, not be using Youtube. I think the company is a bit too fat and happy, and entirely to eager to punish hobbyist Let's Players I'll post on BitChute. They do straight up conservative videos, so they are the most likely website not to suddenly warn me for content without letting me credit stuff or whatever.

And yes, I do have credit for the songs I used:

My Gameover Song
An Illusion
Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Opening Song
That's Life
Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Opening Song 2
Exzel Music Publishing (freemusicpublicdomain.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

It didn't stop IndependentArt from getting flagged who playing That's Life (even as a Creative Commons thing), so I'm boycotting the people who did so.

I'm gonna play the game today, and record and upload.

[RM2K3] Urgggh, Karma Balancing System...

So, what I'm trying to do is have a sort of Karma system, based on whether you kill (number of victories) or spare (End Battle apparently doesn't add to victories) monster groups. I've made a Zelda-style offering system where you give stuff like bread or meat and the creature eats, allowing the battle to end.

It's not a conventional "good karma" thing but trying to balance yourself out. The idea, is sorta fighting only when necessary (ideally bosses only). And I don't want to encourage people with karma that is too good to start killing monsters to "balance" it. Rather, I want to reward people who have previously hurt monsters trying to go back to a pacifism route.

The idea is that when your Balance stat gets higher enough, it sorta forgives the excess spares, but not continuing to kill. And also, when Balance gets over a threshold, boss battles themselves can be opted out of (sorta, "the creature senses you are powerful enough to hurt it, but don't intend to, so they leave you alone").

There's a few wrinkles to this. First, the way you typically spare creatures is offering items (kinda Zelda style rather than Undertale), and it can mainly be done at the battle start. Second, the whole problem of this is that you are basically adjusting secondary variables (not the original CreaturesSpared and BattlesWon, but Good Karma and Bad Karma which are based on if the difference between the two is less than your Balance, you set good and bad karma as equal, otherwise you set it to equal to CreaturesSpared and BattlesWon), that the primary variable BattlesWon continues to rise even when equal to stuff because of the way battles add to victory, ummm yeah I'm confused.

Can someone help me set things up?

It's something like:
* Set up a variable that is one more than the Battles Won (Won+1).
* Make a common event that checks if CreaturesSpared = Won+1 (high equal) or CreaturesSpared = BattlesWon (low equal), then set Good Karma = Bad Karma
* If it's not, check the variables. If CreaturesSpared > ummmm BattlesWon, CreaturesSpared - BattlesWon for the Difference. If BattlesWon > CreaturesSpared, then BattlesWon - CreaturesSpared for Difference. If <
* Then I think I increase Balance for certain actions while Good Karma and Bad Karma are equal, or battles won with them equal. But I kinda double check that the real number is higher to keep it from adding more and more Balance even when you're killing monsters (I did some math, and if it's two and two, you get balance 1, but that would keep increasing as the difference keeps being less than the rising balance despite you killing more monsters (that is, 2 spares and two kills makes one Balance, but if it went up without checking actual kills vs spares, 2 and 3 with 1 balance covering is "equal", then 2 and 4 with 2 balance covering, and pretty soon you have 2 and 6).

It's the shifting variables that is giving me uncertainty. And trying to adjust it, adding extra variables in.

Or am I thinking about this wrong?

[Poll] Preferred Browser?

I kinda have nefarious motives here, you see, I got fed up with Firefox deciding that basically all of its add-ons (some of which I use for popup control or protection from unwanted interference online).

Personally, I think Chrome is a dumbed-down browser system. Same with Brave (which despite having a reputation of being secure, seems to be very uncustomizable). I like about:config coding for small tweaks, and I like the ability to show/hide the IE style menu bar. And I like add-ons, but hate getting screwed over every update. So...
  • Customizability (in particular, I like menu bars)
  • Being able to alter internal stuff as well (I currently have popups blocked unless I click on the link)
  • Anti-tracking
  • STABLE add-ons
  • Secure, even if I'm not
  • Saves my old Firefox bookmarks

Currently, the first one that I've encountered to do this is Waterfox, though supposedly there's also Pale Moon and Basilisk designed this way.

Out of curiosity, what browsers does everyone here use? And can anyone give a recommend of a browser that works for these purposes?

Oh, there's a writing section? (Oracle of Tao, the novel)

Yeah, I didn't notice this section at all.

I'm linking to the TV Tropes page which in turn links to my book updates, since the direct link is potentially an adult book since it may include sex or violence, and definitely includes the murder of defenseless olgoi khorkoi (giant sand worms). Save the Khorkoi!


NSFWing Direct Link

Go ahead and tell me what you think?

Voter Fraud

So, yeah tight stuff politically. And some people hate Trump enough they don't want him in power next time, even if it means cheating I guess. So, Florida was close and they demanded a "recount".

Guy unloading boxes from a truck.

Two women hauling prewritten ballots for "recount" using "absentee ballots." Uhhm-hmmm.

Someone caught them doing this on tape.

Russian hackers? Meet actual voter fraud.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Some of you are far whatever you won't even react about this. But nobody, liberal or conservative, should pull this stuff. Clean race or it shouldn't count.

[Poll] Give Liberty (or whoever does it) Ideas For Events

We get events every month or so, and they usually boil down to about five main ones:
1. Do half a game then swap (ahem)
2. Random theme, short amount of time
3. Dumb games
4. Review events
5. Specific Theme (usually halloween/christmas)

Ummm so there doesn't seem to be a good spot to just submit ideas like this, putting it to a poll.

Matroska - A game within a game within a game (not to be confused with minigames)

Truly Random Game - Yeah they had a random game challenge, but it was from words on a thread. Maybe something like this: http://www.ratespeeches.com/t=Impromptu-Topics
where it just pulls a random topic and gives you something.

Engine Challenge - At the start of the challenge, you choose an engine. Some other user gets sent an engine, and has to make a game with it. Probably credit for a decent effort.

Music Video - Make a music video for your game. It must include both music and animated pictures of some sort. It doesn't necessarily need to be an avi-style video, it can be cutscenes or strung together art, but should include vocals. Probably a month-long event.

Fan Adaptation - Make a game based on some already existing story. I'd love to see the Lightbringer (Dark Prism, etc) series adapted, or the Wheel of Time. But not just books! Movies or even anime works.

Opera! - This might require a team. Voice acting for your game. Musical or opera.

Tax Calculator 2003 - Essentially, your game is not a game at all. It's using one of the game makers to make something functional, such as a tax program or maybe a weather forecaster.

Cinema - A game with little or no gameplay. Something like Maranda or With His Father's Sword. The emphasis is entirely on building cutscenes, not battle balance or any of that stuff. Lighting, music, and so on must build the mood.

Historical Fiction - Think Outlander or the Through the Darkness (Harry Turtledove). Use actual history, then make changes and extrapolate what these changes do.

Chimera - A good halloween event. Basically, mix and match game genres to make a weird hybrid like Western Space Horror (with romance elements). The weirder the splice, the more stuff is awarded.

Year Long Project - See what you can do in a year. Alone or in teams. One calendar year from the date started, you submit your game. Closer to end date counts more than halfway, and rated on the level of completion and length (or something).

Or something else.

Do your games have a continuity?

I want everyone to take a look at their past games and see if there is a common thread somewhere.

Like, the Metroid series apparently has a sort of chronology, as do the Zelda games (weird though), and Elder Scrolls (Daggerfall has mutliple endings, so I'm not sure about that one).

So far, Girl of Dreams is disconnected from all the other stuff. But other than that, That Damned Redhead, Oracle of Tao, The New Earth, and Tales from the Reaper are all part of the same continuity.

The timeline goes something like this.

Tales from the Reaper (outside of time)
Creation of universe
(stuff happens)
Last days of Earth (possibly make a game about this at some later point?)
New Earth forms
(more stuff happens, specifically a Plague, a war in Phoenix, and the forming of the Council)
Oracle of Tao
That Damned Redhead
The New Earth
Tales from the Reaper (outside of time)

The Tales from the Reaper has some events before the creation of the universe, some during our era (right now), some at the same time as the Oracle of Tao game, and time is in so sense looped, since later events lead up to something in Anideshi's backstory (it's heavily implied that Azrael and Anideshi are human reincarnations of Seishi and Yomi).

Oracle of Tao appears to take place roughly 3000 years after the New Earth forms.

That Damned Redhead is largely a quickie joke game, but one scene refers to a prophecy of someone named Ash.

The New Earth involves Ash/Ashley. It's pretty stupid, but it's kinda the last game that connects the events, and reintroduces Estheriel, a villain from Oracle of Tao.

What about you? Do your games have some kind of common thing to them?

Censorship and Security Paradoxes

So, maybe you don't do conservative news or maybe you don't care cuz you're liberal and stuff. That's fine, people should be entitled to their political opinions. Anyway, around August 6 or so, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and others outright banned certain conservative news (InfoWars) personalities because reasons.

Here's the thing. You may not care. "Nothing to do with me," and such. Only, remember what I said, people should be entitled to their political opinions. The alternative is like stuff that goes on in Vietnam, Ethiopia, or whatever. The government deciding they don't like Baseball, and banning all references of Baseball. Unless, of course, they do something actually ban-worthy, like glorify violence or condone terrorism normally people shouldn't get banned. Uhhhh, this guy doesn't even curse, really. He shows what may or may not be the truth, and what definitely sounds crazy. But... if this goofball gets banned, how long before other people get banned for having opinions?

Yesterday, got rid of Facebook entirely. There's apparently a 14 day waiting period while they decide to remove your account, during which you can't log in to Facebook, or anything vaguely linked to Facebook.

Today, I added a Tor add-on to my Firefox. You may notice that my IP isn't consistently the same, and I apologize for that. I'm pretty shaken up right now, and kinda paranoid. I can verify it, but answering detailed questions about all of my games. In other news, I discovered, security can be a double-edged sword, as my Google account insisted I wasn't here, and tried to lock me out of my own account. Yay!

What are people's thoughts on this? Or is it not okay to talk about the Fight Club, so to speak?

[RM2K3] Event Stack Overflow... HELP!

I have several DynRPG patches, and about 19 pages of code. But I've only recently noticed this glitch.

So like, I've made a system mainly with lines of code that basically simulates turn-based combat (most of the patches have not worked properly, so I did this manually). And another, which has a different battle system for day and night (I played a bit of Final Fantasy IV: the After Years).

That it seems to freeze when the party members are asleep is bad enough. I have a few common events that work around being asleep (since it affects turn-based, the game might freeze if I didn't create exceptions). Now, based on this, I closed what I believe to be the flaw, that I recently tried to "simplify" (whenever I do so, I create a new common event) the day night system to a large portion by pushing the times into a switch. Since the battle thing was unupdated, I decided trying to likewise lower the amount of nested conditions might help. I haven't tested yet whether the issue recurs for night (I'm still on day hours).

But there's another issue. When it does this Event Stack Overflow, it spits out all items my party starts with. This makes me rich and all, but it's also a nuisance.

I'm gonna save what I got soon, and update stuff. Can someone run a quick check, and see what's happening? I remember there's a debug tool that shows what's running during specific parts.

Update: It works smoother, but the problem still persists. It's only at night, from what I can see. Meaning that narrows it do to... common events 366 or 381 (both dealing with different aspects of the day/night battle system) or one of the many attached common events either directly to this, or those attempting to handle sleep in turn-based battle.

Update2: I replaced Asleep with Tired (basically, just lowered stats, without the No Action restriction) and it seemed to go away, but this means one of the sleep-handling events is bugged. I still will need testing.

Update3: It was SkipTurn. The mechanism for skipping turns under certain status doesn't appear to work. Which means things could potentially freeze, but my anti-freeze coding wound up being worse that useless (probably because it kept trying to order the turns instead of ****ing overriding like I told it to). Sigh...