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Gang Stalking

Wilfred the Hero, Part 1

Hey everyone, this game is being remade in 3d. Check out the developer's website, the game looks incredible!

It does! It was a perfect game for 3D, should really be something.


Beautiful dungeon, gives a 3D feel, great job!

Happy new years RMN!

My goal : be as happy as possible.
Happy New Year everyone!

Gang Stalking

I don't think I ever said the government was behind this. I would think more of something like CIA/FBI experimentations.


oh, I was talking about that circle which seems to be floating in mid air, what is it?


shouldn't your save point be on the floor?

Gang Stalking

I just meant to show 1. how totally beyond beleif some of the CIA's doings can be
2. how difficult it is to prove these things : 1951-2012! and nothing would still be known if a scientist hadn't broken his oath and revealed the whole thing (It is certain, I saw a American representative (?) recently present his excuses on TV about the whole thing, in France).
Once again, it does not prove a thing about any other subject, but shouldn't one be very cautious and at least in doubt when so many people are complaining about the same thing and in the same way, most of whom visibly sane, respectable citizens?

Gang Stalking

projects like MKUltra have been declassified and discontinued
If you looked at the video, it seems quite a few people agree that the MKUltra project was NOT in fact disontinued, including a 14 year CIA veteran, Victor Marchetti. I am aware this does not constitute a proof of the fact but with these kind of things, where everything has been kept from the public for ages and disinformation continually active, the least one can say is giving clear full proof is not an easy task. If a scientist's conscience had not spoken harder than his fear for himself and his career who would know, MUCH LESS BELEIVED, that a whole French village was experimented on in 1951 (Pont-Saint-Esprit) and given LSD with the disatrous consequences it had :

btw, welcome back, CAVE_DOG!


Really good art.