Happy game making, all!
Avelions - The Ancestors
The beginning of all stories~



OP - Triple Duels Compilation

played about 15 minutes so far,and im loving it!
simple fast paced and even tells the story!
cant figure out how to use item cards tho
you don't seem to be able to switch mid battle

the raw meat for example says its effect goes of when the meat dies
but that means i have to have the meat 1st which would not heal luffy o.o

since it will be a while b4 i finish this,a couple improvements

1.deck keeps resetting would be great if it stayed the way you put it

2.would like to have to press action button to initiate a area so you dont stop every time you cross one

glad to hear that you enjoyed the game. :)

items card? it works, trust me.
yes, you have to place it in 1st or 2nd.
btw, you can beat Mihawk at Baratie using low rate cards,
and one of these cards is an item~

and thanks for the feedback. :D
I'll work on it asap.

If only terms and conditions were always this simple...

OP - Triple Duels Compilation

O.O card game or not its based of one of my favorite anime series!
i hope this if fun!
was disappointed with a game based off Yugioh
called Yugioh X, if it was not for the extremely slowness of the game
would of tried sticking with it

thank you, shayoko :D hope you'll like it~