Hey there. :-) I'm just a guy in his 20s who loves RPGs and creates them as a hobby.
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What do you think was the best year/era for RPG Maker?

This topic is inspired by a post Kentona made in Ocean's 10 year anniversary blog post for Paradise Blue:

Kentona stated facetiously that 2009 was the best year for RM. In context, this was more of a joke than a serious statement (he was referencing the fact that both Paradise Blue and his own game came out this year), but this got me thinking. What actually was the best year for RPG Maker?

I know this may be a difficult question to answer, because it's not always easy to remember the year that certain games were released. Because of this, feel free to mention a particular era or time period instead.

What are your long-term plans as a game developer?

Is this something you do simply as a hobby without further intention? Or are you hoping to actually break into the professional video game industry?

One of my dreams is to somehow raise enough money, or receive funding from somewhere, to hire my own little team and create my own commercial RPG. This is something I'd like to accomplish before I kick the bucket.

How about you?

Dungeons in RPGs - Which types do you prefer?

While browsing a "things you don't like in jRPGs" thread on Reddit, many users mentioned they did not like puzzles in dungeons and preferred straightforward, point A to point B style design. My game features dungeons littered with various types of puzzles, so this makes me a bit nervous.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. What kind of dungeons do you prefer? Do you like dungeons filled with puzzles, ala Zelda? Do you prefer linear gauntlets, like in most old-school RPGs and many of the Final Fantasy games? Large, open areas with an emphasis on exploration? Something else? A mixture of everything?

Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

And, hell, non-RMers too. For anyone who has been around since the heyday of message boards.

I've been reminiscing about my early days on the internet recently which gave me the idea for this thread. I got my start on a website called RPG Maker Database, the domain of which used to be I think there may be one or two people here who used to browse that forum, as well. I recall my time there fondly and I still remember many of the users even though I haven't come across them since the site's downfall. I was around 12 when I browsed that place.

Of course, I also spent a lot of time on but I wasn't much of an active contributer.

How about you guys?

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

Can anyone think of some examples of this? People who manage to ascend from RPG Makering into the professional realm are quite inspiring. The first person who comes to my mind is Kamau, who has worked on many games such as Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty.

What's the one cancelled game that you wish was finished?

What's that game that got away? The cancelled game you wanted to see finished more than anything? It could be either a game that only exists in the form of screenshots, or a game with demo releases.

My first answer is A Blurred Line, but apparently it may not be cancelled and may still be in production. Lysander86 still comes back and says he's working on it every now and then.

Other than that, I would have loved to see more work done on Idunn Ymirlador. It was very original, even today, and seemed very promising. I can probably think of others, too, but that's the first one to pop into my head. I'd like to hear more from you guys.

(Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread.)

Help me create side quests!

After my game's introduction, the gameplay becomes very open-ended, moreso than most jRPGs. You have the option to continue the main storyline, of course, but you also have the opportunity to explore the world.

I'd like to create more side quests for the player, but I'm having trouble thinking of good ones. I thought it would be a cool idea to have some of you guys suggest side quests that I might be able to insert into my game. Credit will be given, of course.

My game is nearing completion, so I suggest you check out it's page if you haven't. Here are some examples of side quests that are in the game:

1. There are a few dragons upon mountaintops that you can kill. In exchange, there is a certain blacksmith who will craft dragon weapons/armor for you, which is the most powerful in the game.

2. Rescuing a little boy in a cave.

3. Traveling to an ancient shrine to receive the ability to use holy magic, which is extremely powerful in this game.

I need help with the RM2K3 default battle system

I'm trying to program a boss battle where the boss uses a certain skill every few turns, but I can't get it to function reliably. Every five turns, I want the boss to use a spell that weakens your party's defense stat and then during it's next turn, use an extremely powerful offensive spell. The spell that lowers your partys' defenses functions as a warning that the boss is about to use it's extremely devastating spell, and you're supposed to prepare by using buffing spells and defending. That's the idea, anyway.

However, as I said, it doesn't function the way it's supposed to. I'm using the "turns elapsed" function which is located within the monster's behavior section in the database. Even though I have the "priority" set to 100 for these two spells, and 1 for all the others, it still doesn't work. Sometimes the boss will use the spells, but other times he'll use the other attacks I have programmed. I need both spells to happen every few turns every time.

I've been using RPG Maker 2003/2000 for over 10 years, so it's strange that I can't get something so basic to work. I appreciate any help.

hey, i haven't been active in the 'scene' for over a year.

that means, i haven't been reading rm forums for over a year, and i haven't played an rm game in over a year.

so, i have some questions. i recall seeing screenshots of an RPG Maker version of Monopoly. was that ever released in any way? as well, i also remember seeing extremely sexy screenshots of an RPG Maker remake of FF7. did anything come out of that?

finally, was anything really amazing released in the past year?

Is there any way to see your previous posts?

If not, that's stupid. I can't remember what topics I posted in >=[
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