Ideas on how to do a Shapeshifter Class/Actor?

OK I tried it.

1. Created "Actor" for shapeshifter let's call her Sarah
2. Chose shifter class
3. Created "Shift" skill (left blank, except changed target to "user")
4. Created a common event that chages actor class and actor graphic from Shifter to say "Werewolf", set to "auto run" no condition
5. added said common event to skill in base shape shifter class
6. copied said even except changed skill to change to the shifter class called it "Revert" (eacxh new form has this ability by default)
7. use in a test battle get message saying "has no effect on shifter"

*Side-Question: Is it possible to make a skill type different than Special or Magic, also is it possible to give each actor a different term for MP, like Rage, Ki or Psionics?

Ideas on how to do a Shapeshifter Class/Actor?

Is this for VX Ace?

Yeah sorry forgot to mention :( I'll edit the OP.

Yeah, you can do that pretty easily; just make the skill call a common event, then you can manipulate your character via class changes and states. I have a pretty similar system in the game I'm currently working on. I'm using VX Ace, by the way.

Hmmm...I'll try that thanks :D

Ideas on how to do a Shapeshifter Class/Actor?

Dang that sucks :( Thanks for the thought anyway :)

Ideas on how to do a Shapeshifter Class/Actor?

So uh yeah, I'm trying to make a short RPG (using VX Ace) as a gift for a friend and I'd like to make one of the characters a shapeshifter but I'm not really sure how to go about shapeshifter I mean a character that has several sets of abilties and/or stats depending on their form and can change them mid battle and through the use of a script (ie. Yanfly's Visual Battlers) have their in batle sprite/face change to reflect that.

Here's what I was thinking but I don't know if it's even possible:

Create several Classes that represent each form including the base form (which it reverts to after battle), the base form has a single ability called "shift" and the other ones have form specific abilities as well as a "revert" command that returns the user to base form.

So uh yeah is this possible at all, if not I'm open to anyway to accomplish this it's very important to my story idea.

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Does anyone know a better way to add new tiles-sets (RPGMVXACE)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 but not every kind uses the same grid size and changing the grid everytime is a bit of a pita...i was hoping there was an easier way

Does anyone know a better way to add new tiles-sets (RPGMVXACE)

pretty much the title...I don't know if I just suck but it takes me hours to add a new tileset and frankly I like to vary my towns and dungeons as much as possible so I use alot of them

I always seem to be slightly off the grid, sometimes it doesn't properly clear out the background, and various other issues that require me to flip between photoshop and the database (filling out A1-5, B,C & D)

So has anyone built a program or maybe just a good tutorial (video tut preffered) that could help me out.

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so im stopping after the 1st battle but yeah great job :3

The first battle...really!?!

Any suggestions on good CO-OP/Multiplayer RPG Games?

If you could LAN Diablo 2 for PC that's really the best right der'
oh god my wife and I played that SO MUCH. She was always a sorceress. We have like 3 or 4 level 80+ characters from our playtime together. We even both got Diablo 3 but unfortunately it turned out that game sucked balls. We slogged through to the end of Normal but neither of us have touched it since.
Yes! Me and my brother went off on it too. For like the longest time, we played an assassin and a sorceress then I moved onto a barb for a tank role for nightmare and hell.
And yep, we tried D3 for PC and xbox annd yeah. Untouched and returned.

Necromancer FTW!!!