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Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

Would you please stop it with the straw man arguments? Just because someone can take something out of context doesn't mean you can invalidate every comment. You should analyze it first and see whether it does hold any water or not.

Nobody said the game represent all transexuals in the world. But it contribute to damaging their image. Same goes with Mario. It doesn't represent that all women are helpless and are rewards for men, but it contributes to that idea. Now that we know which side of the scale the game has added the weight in, we have to look at the scale in the world today. Like I said, making fun of people who are wearing glasses is fine, because they are being treated equally. But it isn't the same case with transgender.

This is not about freedom of speech at all. Calunio is free to make a game however he wants. Nobody said he can't. The comments are meant to point out what the game lacks and could be improved.

Anyway, I'm out. I think I've explained everything already. Don't feel like repeating it anymore :-/

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

I agree. Too bad for a game with a theme with so much potential though :/ I thought the battle system was creative, though it could use some tweaks.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

My bad regarding Brooke. I remember her now. If my memory serve, she acts as a punishment when you made a mistake in an arrow puzzle. Still, doesn't really help the game's case :(

Regarding people will take Calunio the wrong way, then that's their problem. The objective result would be the game show that there are various kinds of trangender people. They are not defined by just being transgender.

Ideally, it should be like what you said that people are taken for who they are. However, the reason why it should be stated is because currently they are being oppressed. For people who don't accept or don't know about transgender, then to them transgender don't exist or would never be one of the options when they think of the characters they see.

Again, while there are many ways to do this and ruin the games, there are also ways to do this WITHOUT ruining the game. It's the same as game mechanic really. There are many ways to fail, and there are many ways to make it work. Why choose the one that fail?

Of course, whether you agree with the comments or not is entirely up to you. I just hope that I answered your question about where do these comments come from and what's the rationale behind it. :)

Your comment shows that you don't understand why this is a problem,
No, I get it. I just don't care. People will always be afraid of/hate/do bad things to those who are different than they are, and I believe one of the best ways to move society into a mode of acceptance is for us to be able to make fun of ourselves and our differences, rather than raising a big stink about it every time we feel offended and causing a bigger rift between the opposing sides with an overly defensive attitude. Kind of like what you've been experiencing in this thread.

Some people just can't take a joke, and that is where the controversy is born.

Umm, you don't. This is not about being offended. This is about 'harmful'. There's a difference.

Example :
1.) Someone made a game featuring a character wearing glasses. He then said that he only wear glasses to pretend that he's smart, just like other people who wear glasses.
- Someone might find this offensive and say "I wear them because I have to!". But this is not 'harmful' People who wear glasses are not being oppressed. Society to they treat people who wear glasses as equal as people who don't.

2.) A game that full with sexual predator transgender and surprise dick.
- Someone might not find this offensive and think it's funny. There might be a transgender that might not find this offensive. There might be someone who find this offensive. But it doesn't matter. What matter is this is harmful to the image of transgender. Transgender as sexual predator has been done again and again, and it builds up. This is not what they need when they are want acceptance and be treated equally.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

I'm not saying the behaviour is limited to transgender. But all the transgenders represented in that dungeon are all sexual predator surprise dick girl. There's a difference.

Not being clear about Brooke is also a problem. To people who never think about transgender, they would think she's a woman. Couple with every transwoman in the dungeon is a dick girl, would that convince players to think that Brooke is a transwoman? Why not just make it clear? It can be in only a couple of line. It wouldn't destroy the game as well.

I couldn't stand to play the game through the end so I can't comment much on Gino/Gina and Archangel. Still, from what you wrote, Archangel and Gino/Gina hardly help redeem the game. The game already specifically call transwomen 'tranny' and devoted one giant dungeon for them. :/ And from what you said, Gino/Gina sounds like it'd bring more fear to people and probably make people think that sex change operation is scary, which isn't really helping though...

As for why wouldn't they tell about their post-op. There might be some NPC who won't say, but there might be some NPC who could tell the player. Or the player could hear from another NPC. Really, there are many many ways to deal with this, if the developer realized this and wanted to do it. From all these, it should already be enough to show that the game does fall short at this and could use improvement in this area.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

I understand what you mean, but you are taking it both to the extreme. This is not black and white. It doesn't mean that Calunio has to portray them in an overly positive manner and sacrifice everything else in the game.

Calunio could just simply show more types of women and transgenders. For example, submissive post-operation transwomen, transmen, dom S&M women, dom post-operation transgender,etc. Males in the game are represented with so many varieties. Why not others? Even women get two body types. The only type of transwoman represented in the game is the one that has dick and surprise you with that.

There are ways to include all these varieties and still make the game work or deliver the point he's trying to make. Hence the criticism.

Also, nobody said transgender are the only ones we should care about in this game. If you want to talk about other minority being misrepresented or not enough variety and contribute to oppression, then go ahead. However, it shouldn't be used to invalidate other people's criticism. If the game misrepresent gay/lesbian, I wouldn't say "transgenders got it too! so no point complaining about gay/lesbian". It's derailing, and stop the conversation about the issue. We can only talk about one topic at a time after all.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

Of course, it would be crazy to think that this one game would solve all the transgender problem or it would turn people violent or making fun of transgender. It isn't. To claim that that is what they said is nothing but straw man fallacy

The point is it 'contribute' to a stereotype that is already damaging the minority. It doesn't take just one media to change people perspective. It takes many of them, each contribute to this problem, for a long period of time, that make it is what it is now today.

Also, there aren't many games that are willing to talk about this issue or even feature a transgender character in there. For a game that promise to be about psychology about sex, the opportunity of doing this right and be part of a game that contribute to help the minority is there. Yet, the game falls into just another game that add more weight to the scale toward oppression. So it's normal for some people to be disappointed that the game doesn't do what it could have done.

Being an obscure game ( which this one isn't so obscure after all, considering it's been featured on Kotaku and many other indie game website), or a game made in RPG Maker (which doesn't automatically make the game bad see:Yumenikki), doesn't give you a free pass. If a game is made to be offensive, that's fine. But that shouldn't invalidate how people feel or think that the game doesn't help minority and contribute to oppression.

Think of it this way. It's the same as seeing a game that keep using same old mechanic and doesn't contribute anything new. However, the game has potential and the theme gives the developer an opportunity to try something new. People who see this opportunity are disappointed that the developer didn't do anything about it.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

They are currently being treated unequally. For transgender people, they have to deal with being made fun of in their everyday life. We're living in a world where people get kill just because they are trans. Games that promote the current reality doesn't really help them nor does it help make other people understand them better.

It doesn't mean it's off-limit forever. But until the day that people understand them and they are taken as who they are, it WOULD BE NICE to help them by representing them fairly and not using stereotype to hurt them further.

Your comment shows that you don't understand why this is a problem, and I can see where you came from. It would take too much time for me to explain so here is a collection of resources that you can research more about this topic

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Good work! Now hopefully I can match it by making some good progress... I'm pretty happy about the game's maps being more than halfway done, I'll definitely be happy to have that aspect over with.

Were you able to reproduce the same character getting hit multiple times in one combo thing? I haven't been able to so far.

Yes, Kerberos always attack me four times. I have the version that Lai Strike bug is still in there though... so maybe it isn't the most update one?

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I feel so stupid not knowing that you can't put up more than one barrier at a time :/ Knowing RMXP, I thought it's a problem of not be able to show all the status effect.

Anyway, I finally beat him! That was really really satisfying. This is truly a great game :)

Screenshot of the result of the battle!

I understand your reason though and that thought of 'forcing player to think' did cross my mind as well. I agree that it does work. Now I beat Kobold, then warp back to town and save, so that next time I don't have to deal with him anymore. The walk is a bit more bearable after that. It would be nice to be able to control the encounter rate in the future though. Something like Estoma or Riberama.