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Reminds me of Seiken Densetsu 3 and I think that's probably intentional, considering the name is also similar. Looks really awesome. Added to my watch list so I'll support it in the future :)

Soul Shepherd

I can't wait. Seriously, I'm looking forward to play this more than Shin Megami Tensei 4 :)

RPG Creation Without the Price Tag - some restrictions apply

No script editor is a turn off for me though :/

Where do you get original materials for your project? Post about it here!

Since I got the art part cover so I don't usually look for art resources on the web.
Audio, on the other hand, is what I'm lacking. So here are some links for music resources that I use.

Affordable Audio for Everyone
- Not free but it's pay whatever you want. The quality is really good, and there are many files in one pack. It's worth it, I'd say.

Oh! Thank You!
- So many free awesome music in so many styles. They are all free with an option to pay them to say thank you. Otherwise, allt hey ask for is the name oo39.com in your credits.

The Match Makers
- The home of Japanese doujinsoft's sound effect. So many doujin games use sound effects from this website. It's free, and you dont' even have to give him credit. Though, I'd suggest you do anyway!


Wow, what's with all the spams O_o;

All Hallows' Event

Darn it! I've just heard about this. I've always wanted to make a horror game and this seems like a good excuse for that :D Hopefully I'll have time to do it!

Soul Shepherd

Rainen, I can assure you that the inn isn't much of a problem later on. It is not easier, but it's harder by giving you a more interesting challenge.

The inn cost is still there to keep pressure on you, but the amount of pressure is lessen and you can focus more on coming up with the strategy to fight the next boss/sub boss.

Going in Blind and Preparing for Combat

I think you already answered the question yourself. Just don't do it every fight. Also, making the player learn something from getting a game over is good too. A great example of this is Soul Shepherd.

In Soul Shepherd, you can become the enemy, thus whatever you see the enemy's using, you can use it too once you defeat them. Hence, getting a game over mean not only you learn what the enemy does, but also what you will get from that enemy.

Also, while enemies are deadly in that game (the game is really really difficult), for random encounter, it's possible to survive without getting wipe out. There is also a save point before you enter a new area, warning you that you are about to enter an area where new enemies will appear, and might require different setup.

Ludum Dare this weekend! Anyone else entering?

I might! Too bad the theme I like isn't there anymore :( (Time Travel)

Death of child too much for a game? How dark/mature can I go?

It isn't that problematic, considering any sane person know that murdering anyone is bad. There is no murder apologist, at least not to the extent that it becomes problematic to murder's victim or people associated with the victim.