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What do you want from a ShMUP

I love shmup with a good scoring system. By good scoring system, I mean the following

- High risk high gain
- If my score is low, I know where I can improve or what did I do wrong
- No, or very few, luck involve

I don't like memorization-based scoring system like Dodonpachi though. All combo-system games are pretty much pretty boring to me, since it's too much memorization.

Some good example of scoring system that I enjoy are Death Smiles, ESPGaluda2, Homura, Twilight Refrain, Samidare, etc.

Who cares about credits?

I care about credit. It shows how they manage the team, as well as who's responsible for the part I like in the game or the part I don't like in the game.

With that said, I don't care much about credits in a big game. I care more about credits in an indie game, thinking that maybe I can get in touch with them and do some awesome stuffs later on. Or just so that I can follow their works. Another reason is that the credit in a big game is always too long to read, and is not in a separate notepad file for me to read later :/

Does negative feedback deter you?

Depends. I have to look at the content of the criticism as well as where the person who make the comment is coming from. There isn't much point thinking about a comment saying 'Your game has too many texts' in a visual novel from a person who doesn't understand the genre.

One type of criticism I tend to ignore automatically is 'Your game is like xxx/yyy/zzz' or 'Your game is a rip off of xxx/yyy/zzz'.

Skippable combat?

Why not difficulty selection? And the combat is only skippable in the easiest difficulty. Dedicated players won't feel cheated, and casual players won't care being called a-casual-player because all they want is just to clear the game.

Is modular story based game content the way to go?

Sounds to me like what many board games are doing, and I love that. I'd love to see this implemented in a video game. It's easier for indie developer this way too, since you don't have to develop a big game in one go. User generated contents will really help if you allow modding/creating custom module!


What happened!? D: *hugs*

How would you handle multiple learned languages?

Heh, yeah, I think I already O_Oed at your language in the whatchu workin on thread. If you really want to do it then cool; it's ridiculous in a good way. It is certainly above and beyond any expectations I have for even the highest budgeted commercial games.

And that's one thing I like about indie game dev. You have all the power to do all these ridiculous things. :)

If you're not creative enough to make it sound like a realistic language... write it in English, use Google Translate to translate it to another language, and then use an al bhed translator or a simple caesar cypher to swap around all the letters. End result will look totally legit but won't actually be readable to anyone.

I like this idea. The end result isn't that bad either. Thanks for the suggestion!

Going commercial?

In case anybody want to see donation system in working, here's the link to all the Dwarf Fortress donation report

They started doing this since 2007. Here's the number of donation during the past months.

January: $3689.27
December: $5468.33
November: $3199.46
October: $2503.28
September: $2793.95

If you've tried the game, you'd know that the game is mediocre by today's UI design standard ( all ascii arts, terrible control using alphabets on the keyboard only) but the game found its niche target. People who paid for the game paid after they've played the game, so there is no case of buying the game and feel that you've wasted your money on a crappy game. Every cent they made, they know that it's from people who truly appreciate their game and want to support them.

While you might say that this is an exception, there are more examples like this as I mentioned in earlier post. Admittedly, there are not many examples, but this is probably due to how risky and crazy it sound, releasing your game for free and just accepting donation. Nevertheless, it works for animator, game developer, and musicians, as far as I know.

A common complaint I hear about any game I ever make is that it's Windows-only. Which I am sympathetic to; lack of any cross-platform support is the thing I like least about Rpg Maker. I wonder how much potential audience one loses by being Windows-only? When it's a free game you can shrug that criticism off, but if it's a commercial game I imagine you need to care about being accessible.
I think the number of mac gamers is growing. While you don't lose many audience, I have a feeling that currently mac users appreciate your game more than window users, probably because of how rare it is to find a game in mac that is non-casual.

I really think you'd benefit a lot more if you switch the engine to renpy though. It's cross-platform, and all visual novel/renai features are already implemented for you. Heartache is a game that depends on fanbase, so to spread it to as many platforms as possible would help you find more fans easier.

Soul Shepherd

Ok, it happens again. This time it's when my second homonculus got his with Sting and he got poisoned. His shards are still the same, which are Venemous and Simply Stunning. Seems like it happens when you got a bad status effect from enemy's attack.

EDITED : Hmm, now my main got attacked with Sting, he was not poison but the same error occur. Anyway, here's my main's shards
- Reaper, Clarity

Soul Shepherd

Hmm, was it with a Nekomata and using Wild Fang each time? Were any of your party members dead? Was it against the same party member? Any extra info would help :) I'll try to reproduce it myself. My immediate suspicion is something shard related, since those are the newest addition to the game and have been tested the least. But Nekomata's shard should only activate when he dodges attacks, so I'm wondering what other shards might be on the target of Nekomata's attack?

If I remember correctly, my party was using these shards.
- Reaper
- Hot Blooded
Patsy A
- Venomous
- Simply Stunning
Patsy B
- Warden
- Clarity
Patsy C
- Tail Wind
- Craven

I think it happened when Nekomata hit Player or Patsy A. And nobody in the party is dead.
Anyway, I just tried again and it doesn't happen anymore. Weird. I have different shards setup now as well. If it happens again, I'll report you :)