A wanna-be Thai game designer who wanna be a game designer.



What would you do to increase the legacy of your game design?

I make games I think it's fun. I believe whether the game's going to be a legacy or not is beyond my control, and entirely up to the audience to decide.

Going commercial?

One thing I'm wondering is, what does the OP mean by making money with the games you made. Surely, making money from the game isn't limited to selling them.

Look at Dwarf Fortress. The game is free and runs on donation, and I'm sure it's making money than many indie games out there.

Or Kingdom of Loathing, a free browser-based MMORPG, doesn't charge players money and doesn't show any advertisement either. The game runs on donation and selling merchandise. It's been around for many years now and the maker quit his job and is now working on this full time, even hire people to help working on it.

Though I wonder are these qualified as 'commercial games'? Or commercial games mean you have to sell the actual game itself?

Going commercial?

I was gone because of making commercial games for a company and corps.

I just quit everything last year and now am an indie developer. I'm planning to make games for free, and somehow make money from doing it without selling the digital copy of the game.

Do you make games for money
Yes, but that isn't the only factor

Given the chance, would you work on commercial games?
I took those chances. From now on, probably no.

Do you aspire to make games for money one day?
Yes. But not from selling the game itself.

Why would you NOT make games for money?
I have skills that can earn me money. What I'm afraid more is people not playing my game. If the price is a wall, I'll take it down.

Custom content (archived discussion)

I'm glad you guys like the syntax highlighting! As for using Notepad++, it might be a bit difficult for non-coder to set up the syntax highlighting and everything.

I think there's a Notepad++ portable version. We might be able to include Heartache script syntax highlight in that portable version, and then let people download that version instead. So that their downloaded Notepad++ will already come with Heartache script syntax highlight, and they can start working on writing the story right away.

Custom content (archived discussion)

I love the idea behind this game, and I really love how you make the content customizable. Really encourage me to continue working on the project that I've left untouched for so many years :)

I really want people to create content for this game, so I've created a syntax highlighting that works with Notepad++. Hopefully people will find it useful. The colors I chose are probably not the best in the world, but it's a start.

DL : http://www.mediafire.com/?1kg273pf80ip2fc
Screenshot : http://www.mediafire.com/i/?w4d11gap65u2igt

Usage :
- Download notepad++ from http://notepad-plus-plus.org/
- View -> User Defined Dialogue
- Import -> Choose heartache.xml
- Close User Defined Dialogue
- Language -> HeartAche

If your game has these words in its title, it's a big red flag

I don't think judging a game by its name is dumb at all. Attention is scarce. People don't download every game and play all of them to find out that they are great. Heck, they don't even click to see the info page of every game.

Unless known beforehand, your game's name, icons, and screenshots are the only resources that players use to make a decision. I kinda agree with the red flag list here, that if I only see these names without an impressive screenshots, I'd most likely look pass them.

No, this has nothing to do with the quality of the game itself, but it's about luring player to get to play the game in the first place. You might say that 'Well, you'll miss one of the greatest games!' The thing is, I doubt that. If the game is great, I'll hear about it one way or another. And I can always come back and play it later after I have more information on the game.

OT : I find mixing the name in the red flag list to create a new title pretty entertaining. Would be funny if there's a contest based on these names or something :P

Deus Ex Style Social Interactions in RPG maker

I don't see how this is different from choosing an option, alter the variables, and check for conditional branches later. In RM2003, you'll need a lot of patience and many variables if you want to apply this to every NPC.

Alert Box with HOTween

I thought that's how the author want us to read it, as oppose to a politically incorrect alternative :P

Anyway, here's the link to HOTween

The Death Penalty

I'd like to mention one problem regarding allowing player to save everywhere. The problem is you'll have a harder time controlling the game's difficulty.

With a save-point system, you have more control on the level design part. This can prevent a situation where a player cannot get out of the dungeon because he's in too deep, save there, and cannot getting out of the dungeon alive. Romancing Saga series is the game with this problem, especially when a character dies, he/she is gone for good.

Of course, you can say that this could be the player's fault. But this problem can be prevented by the periodic save point system. Poor level design with periodic save point system can cause this problem as well ( Dual Orb 2 )

With that said, that might be a problem many years ago due to the limited in memory. Now that can have unlimited amount of save slots, I doubt this is a problem anymore.


Moving on to the one that I HATE the most, is probably dead with heavy penalty + periodic save system. It's useless to have a penalty, because if you'll always load the save instead of continuing with that penalty. In Dragon Quest, I think the penalty is half of the money you currently carry with you and not in the bank. I really don't know why would they even have the bank system. I found it to be a waste of time and doesn't really add any depth to the game.

Makes me wonder whether the death needs any penalty at all? Having to fight the boss again is already enough penalty in my opinion. So, the one I'd like to see would probably be
- If you die in the dungeon during a normal fight, you restart outside the dungeon, back to the state before you enter the dungeon
- If you die during the boss fight, you restart to the point before you enter the boss fight

Thinking about it more, it seems like the penalty of death in RPG game are
1.) Lost progress
2.) Lost playtime
Most players don't want to lose their progress and feel like what they did was a waste of time. I think it would be more interesting if all the progress not lost, but there is still some indirect penalty. Something that force the player to think and make a decision between restarting the game from a save point or keep the progress and accept the additional penalty. Like, maybe the ending's changed or something.

My Game's identity has been stolen

Wow, thank you so much! The images got removed, and hopefully the game page too. Thank you RMN! :)

I googled this Vanslipper guy and kinda surprised that he's hardly related to RM community. Most of the stuffs I found are game profiles, etc... Kinda make you wonder what's got into his head when he started all this. I doubt my obscure game would give him his 5 minutes of fame or whatever :/