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vacant sky's failure and the trends of selling rtp to stupid humans

TFT, I have to say I disagree with this.

Yes, to you and me, this game isn't worth our money, and we aren't going to support it. However, this doesn't mean they can't ask for people to support them, or other people shouldn't support them.

We come from a different background from people who support these projects. We don't like RTP and think it lacks originality because we've seen it so much that we are sick of it. However, just because one use free resources doesn't mean that one can't ask for monetary support. A game isn't just about resources or story or features, but it's how everything is put together. Like other creative content, its value is very subjective, and that's where crowd-funding comes. You can pay whatever you feel like! You chose $0, obviously, but others disagree and chose something else.

From what I've seen, they are transparent about what they do. They tell people about the engine they're using. They tell people that they use free resources.(Also, it is not stealing. Stealing would mean the original file is gone. :) ) People tolerate this differently and some people just don't care and like the idea and the presentation enough to support them.

You might have a problem with them setting their funding goal too high in your opinion, but you must not forget that if they can't reach the goal, they won't get anything. This leaves audience to be the judge, not just you or me. And if they reach their ridiculously high goal, then that means they have found their audience ( I am not talking about the case of deceiving or tricking people into funding a project here. That's another story.) All the backers can also see the current amount of money the project has accumulated. So nobody force them to overfund the project.

To me, this is not a bad sign. This is a good sign! Whatever you make, if you can find audience, you can make money. Seriously, people who fund these game aren't likely to fund games that you like, and people who fund games you like, aren't going to fund these games. There's enough audience and money to go around.

I hope this encourage people who always think your game doesn't deserve money to step out and ask for help or some kind of funding. You might be surprised at how many people want to see you succeed in what you're trying to do.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

NicoB, thank you so much for the LP. I suspected the difficulty as well, but we want to know whether it's just me or not. Now I think the level designer should see how he should adjust the game's level :)

You're right about it being the lite version so we have to cram the levels in there though. There are actually twice as many levels that we have designed, but we have only selected 25 of them just to test the basic system.

As for the explanation, I agree that it wasn't enough. I saw you didn't use the spike mode on stage 3 and then I knew that that tutorial was a miss. I'll improve the tutorial to make it easier to understand. The face on the bottom tell you how strong Puipui is during that turn, which affect the distance he'll roll. Nobody seems to understand this so I'll improve it by changing the arrow's color to be the same as the face, so people will know that the Puipui's emotion affect the arrow somehow.

It seems like you play the game in fullscreen mode? I'm not sure about the holding left mouse problem since it wasn't clear. Though the web version wasn't mean to be played fullscreen, since the resolution will be terrible like that >_<;

The balloon, fence and cat's reactions against spike mode/normal mode weren't explained because we want player to experience it by themselves. I think one thing that is fun about this game is you get to try many interactions with the same object and get different results, then you form a strategy to use these different results to get to the goal. Though I can see that the puzzles right now can be frustrated because it requires you to know all these beforehand. The game should gradually introduce all these to you. Otherwise it's overwhelming.

Again, thank you for your time. It means a lot to me and it really helps. I'll go back and improve the game. We're thinking about adding a boss fight at the end of each world, so that should be interesting :)

Here's the photo of Puipui in real life to say thank you

The Screenshot Topic Returns

The font really need to go, unless your game has a childish or playful tone, which is unlikely, considering a bloody corpse in the screenshot :S

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Just got Grace's Diary to work on iPad!

Will redesign the VN engine and release it as an open source Unity asset. But my code probably suck so bad that nobody really use it :P

iOS and Android version is 90% complete.

I have a 4.0 device (Samsung Galaxy Nexus), which I think is something like 720x1280. Let me know if you need a tester.

Awesome! Thank you for offering to be a tester. Once I got everything ready and upload the apk file I'll let you know :)

Custom content (archived discussion)

Yeah, that's one of my concern. I can draw a whole new set, but they might look different from the current ones.

My problem is I associate body language with characters, and currently they seem very limited :(

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

I'd never understand where did you get all these energy! Even though these aren't my games, I think I've learn many things from just watching you play.

Also, your girl's voice sounds more like Mickey Mouse's voice, so I always see this image of Micky Mouse speaking which gives me a chuckle!

Custom content (archived discussion)

Seeing the characters start to look similar, I really want to do make some custom tachie for people to use for this game now @_@

EDITED : Sorry about accidentally turning this into an h-game :P


Ooh, I love all these ideas! I have thought one for the Sacrificial Lamb contest, though I didn't enter. I don't have a name for it yet, so if someone can give this a better name, I'll appreciate it.

Damage Drain Revive
Can be cast only to the dead party members. A party member can be inflicted by this status only once per battle.
If the dead party member receive damage, revive that member with hp equal to the damage received.

Obviously this is only usable in the game that dead party member can receive damage, such as Romancing Saga. I was thinking about a boss that will deal a sure-hit 9999 damage after a certain number of turn. You have to kill all your friends and cast this status effect to your dead friends.

It's sacrificial lamb because the caster would have to be the one who take that 9999 damage and died, while the rest of the party will revived, fully healed.

Not too inventive, but 'alert', which prevents the user from being stunned or put to sleep.
This is a nice one, actually. I have a feeling that positive statuses are something that many people overlooked in RPG games. Or maybe there's a reason they move these to equipment effect instead.

Puipui to the Rescue

Everything you make is very professional.
By the way, what happened to Adolescence? Is that project still alive? (It better be!)

Thank you! I'm flattered >///< I'm still far from professional though but I hope I get closer to it every game I make :)

As for Adolescence, it's still alive! We're porting Grace's Diary from Flash to Unity, and during the process I have developed a visual novel scripting language to be used in Unity. After I finish with Grace's Diary, I'll have this scripting engine that can be used again in Adolescence.

Basically, I'm going to finish small games this year where each small game will have some components that contribute to big projects. This way, I'll keep the game coming while being able to reduce workload from the big project.