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Soul Shepherd

That bug prevent me from continuing until I got a response from you, since it happened to me twice and I've lost my progress so it was pretty demotivating :( And yeah, my main character is equipping Reaper + Nightmare combo for some free HP,SP,IP when dealing with Pixie and Angel. I guess it has to do with Reaper, so I might need to revise my strategy.

I could pretty up the readme file for you once you got everything down. Would be better if it's a html file with some css styling.

Soul Shepherd

I just found two bugs. One is more like something you overlooked, while the other is a show stopper.

1.) When the main character switches back to human soul, he'll learn Lai Strike regardless of how many skills he already has. This allow the number of skill he has to exceed the maximum number for one battle.

2.) This happened when Nekomata attack me with Wild Fang

I also found a way to teleport to other home points now. Much more convenient! :D

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Porting Grace's Diary to Android/iOS. Working on moving the game's cursor with touch control.

Soul Shepherd

Zombero, you mentioned that Warp Crystal can take you to other town and not just the initial one. How do we do that? I keep returning to the first town :O

How would you handle multiple learned languages?

I remember one game but I don't remember its name that has this kind of mechanic. The whole game is in another language, but the grammar is still English, I think. As you progress in the game, you'll learn new words, and those words will replace the gibberish talk automatically. So as you progress more in the game, what NPC talk to you or what do the signs say will finally make sense.

Anyway, I think you're talking about how to represent different languages in the game without confusing the player. I'd go with PepsiOtaku's method. I've seen it done like that in many games, and it didn't confuse me.

Soul Shepherd

Kobold isn't that hard, really. Just need to prepare your party appropriately.

- Weaken him so he doesn't do ridiculous damage.
- He's weak to fire, so equip Shard from Blob + Flame would do big damage every turn if Burn catches him.
- Alternatively, you can poison him. He seems to be weak against it. Deal something around 100+ damage every time he acts.
- Don't waste time deal little damage. If your healer can't do much damage, just guard.

The more I play, the more I appreciate the system and the challenge. Man, I really want to help you remake this. RMXP doesn't do this game justice :/

As for Magatama/Demon Fusion vs Soul system, I like this better than SMT for the following reasons :

1.) Skill Information
Magatama doesn't give you anything about the information of the skill you'll get. On the other hand, whatever enemies are using, it's there in their souls - down to their Shard. All the information is there, and you just have to observe. Magatama hides this information from you completely, and it's all trial and error.

2.) Control over skill learning
Soul system allows you to customize your character to suit your needs, without randomization involve. In SMT, the randomize skill inheritance system is there to prevent you from getting all the skills you need too easily. But because it's random, you can't really control it and all you can do is keep checking the fusion result, cancel, rinse and repeat until all the skills you need show up. It's like playing a slot machine but not as fun.

In Soul Shepherd, there is no randomization in learning skill. With a little bit of planning and smart Soul switching, you can get all the skills you need. Yes, it's a bit tedious to fight and gain skill, but I think this is too prevent from getting skills too easily. It's the same reason as SMT random skill inheritance. But this system allow you to have some control. You know that if you do this, you'll definitely get that skill. So you can predict the effort you have to put in, or come up with an optimize plan to customize your character.

Like you mentioned, Avatar Tuner is just too grindy and suffer from a what I'd like to call 'gotta catch'em all' syndrome. Skills in that series is like Pokemon where people collect them and then decide what to do with them later.

Some problems with the system though.
In SMT games, there are characters outside of your party. You can use them as another resource for healing, cure bad status alignments or use some special spell like Liberama or Estoma. Some characters are like sideboard cards in MGT, that you can switch in if the battle calls for that type of nakama.
In Soul Shepherd, however,there are only 4 characters so having a convenient support character is impossible. If there are battles that require different type of skills, it'll take time to customize character to suit the current situation. So I agree that there should be some way to buy back skill or make this part not so time consuming. Let the player choose whether they want to invest time or money would be ideal.

Still, this is related to level design as well as how many skill slots will you allow each party member to have. It's 8 in SMT, which is pretty limited considering they also include passive skills in there. But you already separate passive skills into Shard system, so maybe 8 active skills would be plenty.

Will keep playing if I have time. This is definitely one of the best RPGMaker games I've ever played, gameplay wise. Kudos for making a solid system :)

Any RM games/prototypes with a purer grappling combat system?


I mean... Wall of Text + BB Abuse.

Snodgrass, I enjoyed some of your earlier posts. But if the number of characters in your post keep growing exponentially like this, I'm afraid nobody can keep up.

Mixing bold, italic and underline make it worse.

Ever played Killer7?

One of my favourite games of all time. I play it so many times, both Japanese version and English version.

Now I'm interested in this fangame. Any link? :O

Testing and Dropbox

I can't believe you haven't used Dropbox until now! I actually bought myself an account already, because it's just that good.

If you need project management tool, I suggest using Trello : www.trello.com It's free, and really really easy to use. I'm currently using it for listing features or feature suggestions, as well as bug reports. It's also really motivating to see each feature get done visually, letting you know that you're one step closer to finish the game :)

Some suggestion on directory listing, since I had problems with this when there are more assets.

Project Name
--- Code : Scripts, database, game scenario, anything programming or database related
--- Business : Stuffs regarding game's promotion/marketing. Review written by other people, etc.
--- Graphics : Name should be obvious

From here, you can create further subfolders to be more specific. I think it's much easier this way and I can find what I'm looking for easier as well.

Good luck finishing the game! Can't wait :D

Soul Shepherd

Currently playing the game and loving it so far, despite the fact that I hate the cute main character and the dungeon seems rush. I think it'd really benefits from a darker theme with first person point of view like good old SMT.

I do wonder why this game hasn't got any reviewed. The system is well design and is really solid. I carefully observe the enemy behaviors, and every choice I make with Soul switching or Shard switching is important and is a meaningful choice. It's been so long since I've played something like this.

I died many times in the game, which is to be expected. But because of the system, dying in this game doesn't seems to be penalty. Every time I died in the game, I learn something. I learn more about the enemy I'm fighting with. I learn more about skills they use, so I can decide whether I should switch my Soul to this enemy or just shatter it to get more useful Shards.

README file could use some work. Basically, the organization of some part make it a bit difficult to find useful information. I read the file before starting the game to prepare myself, but I got puzzled by the 'Warded' thing.

I also think there should be some more signals when some special condition is activated. Tail Wind, for example, should have some kind of animations playing, showing that the effect is activated. While I think the reason you didn't add this because you want the player to observe from the status effect text by themselves; but to me it looks unpolished and is a bit of a turn off to see the status text change suddenly.

I haven't gotten far into the game ( just rescued the blacksmith and then got a Fairy Soul ) I'll write more of my thoughts here once I finish the game.