Blackmoon Prophecy

Genesis Obelisk isn't on the world map. ;)

So where is Shinryu, the Herald of Omega?

Blackmoon Prophecy

Thanks Noel.

By any chance do you remember where on the map is Genesis Obelisk?

Blackmoon Prophecy

I try not to ask too many questions, I read the blog, look over all maps and help section. Also if I'm stuck I refer to LP. I've seen UMBRA's LP where he went to Mt. Ordeals on 3rd World map.

I'm on the 3rd world map, defeated Sekhmet, Yemaja, Cagnazzo, Rubicant, Valvalis, and just got Omicron.
Now trying to do some optional bosses, for Vera summons and such.

In order to get Omega Weapon

Shinryu, the Herald of Omega, must first be defeated in the Genesis Obelisk. After defeating Shinryu, Omega can be located in the Ancient Castle.

And in order to get Diamond Weapon

In order to fight Diamond Weapon, you must first defeat Omega. After doing so, travel to Darnecles Castle and speak with King Vale. He will inform you that a tunnel has opened in the desert outside of the castle and that a terrible monster lives inside. Head out to the desert, stand on the hole, and you will initiate a fight with Diamond Weapon.

Are the weapons obtained in Mt. Ordeals even worth it at this point?

Blackmoon Prophecy


Just want to say how amazing this game is, and how much I enjoy playing it.

Now I have a question. Why is Mt. Ordeals is not available to me?

P.S. Godot has Demi skill, but during battle it's not available.
Where on the map is Genesis Obelisk?

Helm of Fate


Where's the download for chapter 1? If I understand correctly, this is continuation of the story. Am I wrong? The summary of the game says "After acquiring the Ring of Ares in chapter 1", so I'd like to play chapter 1 first.

Monster Hunters: Frost Giant

Ok, the funny thing, the overlapping music doesn't happen all the time. Right now I playing in the same area, and I get the battle music, not regular, so it changes all the time. Well check it out, who knows!!!

Monster Hunters: Frost Giant


I think you should check your audio files. I'm fighting skeleton dragons and the music is from regular audio, but I can hear a battle music in the background. I think they're overlapping. I don't know if that is what causing the RGSLL error, but it might.

Aside from that annoying error, I enjoy the game very much. For one I love regular side view battle system, for me it's the most comfortable battle system, since it gives me time to think and strategize my next move. Secondly, I love the difficulty, not too difficult, not too easy. I only have to grind in order to buy new equipment, but the money is not that difficult to obtain.
The Bandits Cave was a little frustrating, because of paralyzing effect. There should have been an accessory for sale to counteract paralysis, or the effect should of wore out after 2 or 3 turns.

Anyway, once again, I wish there were more games like this. Good job. I think you have a knock for making games. So, please, continue making more games.

Desperation Of A New Era

The download is not working.

Ark: Of Light and Darkness

OK, thoughts from the start. You overpopulated your maps to the point that it's hard to move and somewhat laggish. Sometimes less is more. As usual I start at the easy mode if it's available. Well I'm struggling in easy mode. You have to think about casual players, if you make an easy mode. I found it a bit frustrating and not easy at all. And that is just in the beginning of the game. Casual player would find it frustrating and just quit. I will continue to see how I can handle further into the game on easy. But... I'm being whipped by the monsters that have a blue!.., in easy??? Really!!!! Not gonna try any higher difficulty, for sure. It looks like a very good, well thought out game, but you should think about your audience. If you aiming for stalwarts, than you are good, if you're aiming for larger audience, than you should balance battles (more exp, and certainly more $), especially in easy, mode. When the monster hit you for 15 - 20 HP each, and your healing item cures you for about the same amount, and you only have the max of 15 to carry on you, that is not an easy mode.

I'll see how it is going to be further on. Might quit the game for the difficulty. Unfortunatelly had to do it in some very good games.

The Magi Chronicles

OH NOOOOOO! End of next year! Do you mean end of 2015? I hope it's the end of 2014.

Please tell me it's 2014.