Spirit Blade


I'm lost. Got the Spirit Stone, picked Miti up, and have no idea where I should go now. I'm not sure if there was a hint.

Please help!

Enjoying the game a lot.

Never mind. Found it.

Loop's Quest

Finished the demo. Enjoyed it a lot.

Subscribed. Please, please, please finish it.


Played, finished, enjoyed!!!

It's a bit easy, but I like easy. Wished it was longer.

Keep making games, please!


Finished playing your game. I actually liked it. Yes, it has some issues, but overall I had an enjoyable experience. I'm just a gamer, have no idea how to make games. So thumbs up to you, for making, and completing your games.

Dragon Tooth

Finished playing your game. I enjoyed it very much. Too bad it was short, but I'd rather play a short completed game, then a demo which will never be finished.

Thank you.

Lost Land: Renard

Thank you very much!

Now I can continue playing. Enjoy the game very much!

Lost Land: Renard

Thank you for prompt response.

My problem is, I have no idea how to get to the other 2 switches. Is there a hidden passage or staircase somewhere?

From the 1st floor, there are 2 staircases one in the center and one on the left. From the central one on the 2nd floor, I go right and down the staircase to the 1st switch in the small room. In the middle is the long avenue of statues, where I'm blocked, to the left I can see other staircases, but there's no way to them.

From the left staircase on the 1st floor, I go up to the 2nd floor, then down the passage with 2 statues, up the staircase to the 2nd floor again, then around and up to the 3rd floor, where the 2nd switch is. From there I can see another switch and treasure chest, but again there is no way to get to them.

I've been running around for so long, I gained like 7 levels, still can't find a way to get to the other 2 switches.

I know I probably missing something so obvious, I'm going to feel stupid.

Lost Land: Renard

Stuck in the tower. I activated 2 switches, but can't proceed, blocked out. There's nowhere else to go. What am I missing?

Love the game.

Chronicles of Tsufanubra


Just finished playing the demo. Enjoyed it very much. Hope you'll finish the game soon.


Just finished the game. It was great.
But since I started Onyx 2, earlier, the ending was not a surprise anymore.

Thank you very much for making this game and others. And thank you for the help you given me.