Thanks a whole bunch!!!

Now I can continue and finish this gem. I went around again, just to see what I was doing wrong, and you're right. If I do not step under the treasure box slowly and go all the way down to the wall, it teleports me back to the beginning.

Meanwhile I've been playing Onyx 2.
You really have a talent for writing and game making.


Thank you very much.

It's in my locker.

I appreciate it a lot.


Thank you SO much for playing my game! You're almost at the finish mark!!! =)

Teleportation room:

1) Walk straight ahead until you're taken to a small room

2) In the next room, go left

3) You're taken to a small hallway. Keep going straight ahead

4) You're taken to another hallway. Keep going straight down, beyond the treasure chest (it may look like a dead-end, but it is not!). Ignore the intersection.

And then you're taken to the exit! Let me know if that helps! Again, thanks so much.

Thank you very much for prompt reply.

However, that is what I was doing all along. I go up the hallway, from the door, teleport to the small room (there's a treasure box, and I can go either up, or left. Up teleports me to another small room where I can go up again and it loops back to the same room, with treasure box). So I go left, teleport to the room where I can only go up or north. Teleport to another room, where I go right or west. Teleport to big room, where I go a little to the right and then down or south, ignore the intersection, continue go down pass the treasure box and get teleported to the first small room with treasure box where I initially took left. It doesn't take me to the exit.

What am I doing wrong?

I can upload my save file to my locker, if you willing to take a look at it.

Again, thank you for prompt reply.



I've been enjoying the game so far, but now I'm stuck here. Been going in circles for hours. I tried the directions above (West, North, East, South), but I end up at the beginning of the maze(actually, in room with treasure box, where I initially went West, and also can go up, but it takes me back to this room again). How do I get to Fear room 2, to proceed with the plot? Your guide was invaluable to me up to this point. But here it totally lacks in direction.

I'd like so much to finish the game.

Please help!!!

Demon Hunter

Thanks for prompt response. I completely forgot about that forest.
The game is great and I enjoy playing it.

Demon Hunter

Please help!

Can't figure clue #4 of weapon quest.

"In a forest dark and cold.
There is an altar made of stone.
Within that altar is a portal to hell,
a place where the Legion, is sure to be felled."

Since the portal to hell is under Satact Village, it's not in a dark and cold forest. I have no idea where to look.

Mystic Dawn

Font is not working for me. Which fonts are you using here?

Enex1: Legend of the Hero


I'm stuck. Have no idea where to go from here. I killed Salt Demon, returned salt to the lake. Where do I go from here? Also, where is Lufredis and how do I recruit him?

Enjoyed the game so far, please give me a hint!

Curse Of Chromia

Just finished the game, and loved it.
I wish there were more games like this on this site.
In my opinion, this is true RPG game.
I always play games that have normal, turn based battle system. Hate all others, and don't know why developers strive to make new battle systems.
I didn't mind the story, it's also traditional adventure RPG story.
Characters could've been more developed (like more back story, so we could identify with them more), but since it's your first game, thumbs up!!! You really created a polished game.

I'll be waiting for sequel. Good luck!

Slimey's New Adventure!

I'm having some serious trouble with this game. I've reached the third boss, the demon dog Sherly. After battling it for almost an hour and using all my items, I couldn't beat it. I kept attacking and attacking and it wouldn't die. I eventually just gave up and closed the game window.

I looked at the game in VX Ace. The boss has 80,000 HP! Even if I did 300 damage a turn and never died, at that rate it would take about 267 turns just to defeat the boss! Is there some trick I'm not getting that you need to do to win?

I just fought Sherly, and it still has enormous amount of HP, might still be 80,000!!!