Long Way Home


Thought I'll give it a try. But after the 1st village, on a world map, I can't go
anywhere. Can't even get back to the village.
Am I missing something, or this is a bug?


Just started playing. Love the story so far, I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, but walking on a world map is like going to the dentist and pulling your teeth out, god it soooooo slow.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords


Just finished off the Rift Dragon, it took me 3hr and a few smoking breaks.

You said you couldn't beat it, but I know, it's not that you couldn't, you just didn't want to.

Love the game, feel sorry it's coming to the end. Oh well, on to the 2nd one.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

Hello, again!

I was wandering about "scavenger hunt" quest.

Is it event triggered, or have the treasures been there all throughout the game?

Also when should I do it, before facing Castoth, or can it be done afterwards.

If you can give some hints on whereabouts, would be nice too, because I'd been all aroung the World Map and did pick some nice things.

One more thing, my game crushed a few times in the Crebt. I don't know if it's my computer, which is quite new, or not, I'm playing a deluxe version with 1.2 Update patch.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

author=Dark Gaia
Okay, so I understand there's been a bit of confusion. There are actually two versions of Legionwood floating around.

The first one is the version included in the Free Game Bundle. This is the "original" version -- the last version of the game before the DLC pack came out, and this is the one in which the Ascog bug occurs. This one is just the base game, and doesn't have the DLC installed.

The second one is the version available here, the Deluxe Edition, which incorporates the DLC and the main game in one download (the DLC was originally separate, which is why that link doesn't work anymore). In this version, the Ascog bug is fixed because the offending music track has been replaced. There is a "1.2 Update" available for this version which fixes a bug in the DLC quest. If you plan to play through the Deluxe Edition, you should definitely grab it.

If you'd rather fix your existing game save from the "original" version, you can fix the Ascog bug by copying the Deluxe Version's Audio folder into the "original" version's directory, which will replace the music track.

EDIT: As for the quitting RPG Maker thing, it's true that I want to take a long break from it to work on my second novel, but despite myself, I'm still making games. Legionwood 2 was my first commercial game, and Mythos: The Beginning -- a horror themed RPG based on 1930s monster movies -- is in production currently. It was originally meant to be a short game made for the 2014 Indie Game Making Contest, but I decided to withdraw so I could expand the game into a proper commercial release.


Now I understand!!!

I think I'll start a new game with deluxe version, don't want to loose the expanded content.

Continue making great games, I only wish I could.

I'll be watching for new releases.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

author=Dark Gaia
This error seems to be occurring because the Quest Journal is not present in old saves, which breaks the game in certain places.

The best thing you can do is go back to the original version. Have you tried muting the volume when you enter that area? Or, if you'd like to use the fix from the DLC in the original game, you can copy and paste the Audio folder from the Deluxe Edition into the original game -- this will replace the music track in Ascog Castle with the one used in the Deluxe Edition, which should fix it.

Unfortunately you'll miss out on the DLC content, such as the extra story content and all the bonus quests, but you can at least continue your game.

I tried to mute the speakers, didn't work. I don't know what original version is, but I have the lates deluxe download. I tried, nothing works.

Now I downloaded just now from here again, going to start a new game, but before I start, questions:

1. Should I download "Note: The 1.2 Update patch is necessary to avoid a rare bug in a late-game quest" this now and install into the forlder before I start a new game?

2.I'd like to install "Legionwood: Mysteries of Dynastland is an expansion pack/DLC for Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords.", but "Anyway, if you're itching for some new adventures, you can grab the DLC here" doesn't work for me.
So where can I get a download for this expanded pack?

I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but I like the game enough to start over, and as soon as I finish this one, I'm sure I'll buy the next chapter.

Also, I've read somewhere that you are not going to make games anymore, it's a shame, your games are good, you should go commercial. There're games that I bought for $19.99 that are not half as good as yours. Think about it!!!

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

I'm having a problem when first entering Ascog castle where i get an error message telling me that the Legionwood launcher has stopped working. I've looked around and noticed other people have had this problem and you told them to mute the volume because of a problem with some computers and the audio file but even when i tried this it still happened. If there is anything additional that could solve this problem i would greatly appreciate it.

On a lighter note though I'm loving the game and it has become one of my top favorite games so far. Hoping to finish it once the problem has been solved.

Hey, Dark Gaia!

I used to have the same problem as LtWolf, so I decided to download the patch, thought it'll fix it maybe. Now it gives me this message after the game goes dark "Script 'Scene_QuestJournal' line183: NoMethod Error has occurred. Undefined method 'include?' for nil.nilclass"

Please help!!!

Enjoyed the game so far, but don't want to start from the beginning again.


Sadly finish the game. It's a great game and I'll probably replay it soon, while
waiting for next vol. When approximately do expect to finish vol.2?

Well, going to play Lady of the Lion now.


I can't find the Spring that purifies that damn object for the final hunt.
Been all over the Ulaid Forest, seen the pixie that sais "Human, go away",
Ilian Spear is in my inventory, not equipped. So where is that damn Spring?

On that note, I'm sorry that Vol.1 is almost at the end. Hope Vol.2 is coming soon.
In the forest of Lothlorien, in the hidden village of the Fianna.

I really hope that Pixie has a role in the next one, I did wonder what her issue was.

Thanks a lot, would never of founded it.