Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate


Am I the only one here on this forum?


I can't find the Spring that purifies that damn object for the final hunt.
Been all over the Ulaid Forest, seen the pixie that sais "Human, go away",
Ilian Spear is in my inventory, not equipped. So where is that damn Spring?

On that note, I'm sorry that Vol.1 is almost at the end. Hope Vol.2 is coming soon.


Yes, Avinchi is a tough one. That's why I let the player save right before the fight. =) But there are ways to easily beat him.

Done it on third try. Hooray!!!


@zenla:Ah, yes. I do like the FE games. But not every sudden princess is a kick-ass merc, now are they? ;) They're normally meek little souls. XD I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

@juliab: In that small room with the statues, the statue on the left side needs to go onto the right pressure switch and vice versa. When you leave that room, there will be a wooden platform that will enable you to go to the left side of the temple. The other lever can be found in the treasure chest. =)

Thank you very much for replying.
But I figured it right after I posted it. Now I'm trying to beat the Boss, but it kicked my a__ twice already.
Going in again.


Hello everyone!

First of all I want to say I'm enjoying the game very much.
There're a few bugs, but they're not game breaking.

Now, I need help. I'm in Eos Temple. I opened the right door, after there is a big room, where I need another lever, and after that room is a small room with 2 statues. Moved two statues, but nothing happening. Where's 2nd lever?

Please help!!!!

Never mind. Figured it.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate


Sorry for multiple submit. I'm new here.

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate


I need help, please.

Why is my Zippo doesn't work in prison. I can't break Larry out.
The guards are out eating soup, so what am I doing wrong?

Also where can I find "diamond amulet" for Shady Man in Tyrone
Weapon Shop. I've read somewhere here that I get it from Bunny Quest,
but I finish all other 12 quest and don't have a Diamond Amulet in my

Appreciate any help.