Blackmoon Prophecy II

author=]1. Which characters from the main cast feel pretty well developed in terms of personality thus far?
2. Which characters from the main cast need more exposure in cutscenes and the like?
3. Do you like the idea of every character inevitably getting their own dungeon/quest? Think Nobumasa and the Tower of Trials in the first Blackmoon Prophecy.[/quote

1. I think Zephyr, Reiner, Hautley, Jasmine has pretty good background.

2. Bolt, Sapphire, Trigger, Edric and Carina could be expanded a little more.

3. I'd like it very much!!!!

Blackmoon Prophecy II

I think I can beat him.

Please elaborate on your statement.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Stop trying to defeat Fumigator, lmao. He's not meant to be beaten at all yet. As for the feedback, a lot of it has been addressed over the last several weeks and A LOT has changed. As it stands right now, ore can't even be used for anything since crafting was removed from the game.

If the other marks were difficult, then you were probably slightly underleveled! ;)

No, I've beaten all Marks before Fumigator. And I'm well overleveled by the end of the Demo, since according to you, by the end of the demo, players should be at about level 17/18, all my characters was over level 20, Carina is level 26, she's the highest level, since I've played her ever since she joined. She and Hautley(lv 24) been the permanent party members, and I think they're the best.
As for the rest of the party: Jasmine is lv 24, Bolt (whom I love for the ability to steal is lv 23), Trigger is lv 19, Zephyr lv 24, Sapphire lv 21, Edric lv 22, Reiner lv 22.

Blackmoon Prophecy II


I just finished playing the demo, and would like to post my random thoughts, feel free to ignore them.

1. First of all I like the second game better, just because I don't like the 2K3's build games. I really hated ATB battle system in the 1st game, therefore I like this game much better, if just for the battle system only.

2. The story line is good, and very much understandable and straight forward. Directions is well explained, so you don't have to wonder from place to place, guessing where to go next.

3. Random encounters are well spaces, and just right difficulty for the area.

4. Non optional bosses just a tad too easy, you could up the difficulty here, but maybe give a little more reward too.

5. Optional bosses, or Marks, as you called them here, are ridiculously difficult, same as in the 1st game.

6. Whenever I had to grind, it was for gold, not exp., so maybe up the gold by 10% to 20%, especially in the beginning.

7. Too much Iron Ore and not enough Mythril Ore, especially in the beginning of the game. I had to trek back places, to synthesize Mythril Weapons. At the end of Demo, I was left with 50 Iron ore, and 20 Mythtil Ore, only because Bold could steal Mythril Ore, but by then I hardly needed Mythril Ore anymore.

8. Grammar overall is pretty good, I found very little grammatical mistake, but sentence structure often is just wrong, and threw me off sometimes. I think someone should go over the dialogs and correct them. I could replay the demo and point out the mistakes to you, let me know if you want me to.

9. Overall, the game is extremely enjoyable, and I think everybody going appreciate the work and effort you put into it. I will anxiously await for completion of the game, for me it can't be soon enough.

Thank you for creating this 2 gems of the games, which I enjoyed playing tremendously.

P.S. For the life of me I can't defeat Fumigator. Is there a feasible strategy I could incorporate here? I've been trying to defeat him for over 10 times, with different party members. I'm already over leveled, so I have no idea how to go at him. He has no weaknesses and immune to everything. (Really?)

Blackmoon Prophecy II

You know reading the time line, this game is all Vahn's Fault!!!!!1

How so? Explain!!!!

Blackmoon Prophecy II


My game crashed when I tried to enter Kusku Salar.

"Unable to find file:
Audio/BGM/Sand Prison"

Blackmoon Prophecy II

It's OK, I just thought I'd mention it for future update or not.

Blackmoon Prophecy II

Thanks for the hint.

I just found a little mistake. I'm trying to synthesize a Lycosidae DNA and the message I get "Reiner has already learned Spider Blitz". But he didn't or at least it doesn't show in his summon menu.

Blackmoon Prophecy II


I can't find 1 card for Biggs in Lindblum City.

I have following:

Bomb, Cactuar, Chocobo, Gaelicat, Lobo, Moogle, Mover, Mu, and Ochu

Could you please hint where the 10th one is.

Blackmoon Prophecy

OK. I've finished the game, and I have to ask, probably the stupidest question.

What is NEW GAME+? I've started playing it, but it just a repeat of original game.
Is there going to be something new to it? And if yes, how much new stuff is there?
Because at this moment I don't feel like replaying it, yet.